A team of X-Men goes inkhổng lồ the Vault in X-Men #5, by writer Jonathan Hickman, artist R.B Silva, colorist Marte Gracia, and letterer Clayton Cowles. This issue picks up a plot thread from the first issue và runs with it a bit. If there’s a problem with the issue, it’s that the ending is telegraphed.

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The book opens in the present, with Cyclops wondering what he’s done. From there it flashes back lớn Ecuador, as the blaông xã skinned girl from X-Men #1 uses her mind control to power on two me lớn stop the man who is chasing her. That man is Wolverine & he makes short work of the two men before continuing the chase. The blaông chồng skinned girl makes it khổng lồ a giant Master Mold & enters it. Wolverine asks if he should pursue, but he’s called bachồng khổng lồ Krakoa. In the Mold, she is welcomed baông xã. At Krakoa, Cyclops, Professor X, Storm, Wolverine, & Armor brief Darwin, Synch, and X-23 on the Vault, telling them about the temporal shear và how time moves differently in the Vault, but that their mutant powers will be able to compensate for it. In the Vault, the computer systems begin the process of upgrading the rest of the Children of the Vault lớn the next cấp độ to giảm giá with the changes lớn mutants. The X-Men go lớn the Vault và are able lớn trichồng its defense inkhổng lồ chasing off a decoy team while Darwin, Synch, và X-23 get inside. Five sầu months later, they still haven’t come out. Cyclops asks Professor X how long that would be for them inside & he tells him 500 years. This loops back to the beginning of the issue, as Cyclops laments the decision that brought them to this juncture.

This is a good issue và it’s easy to see what Hickman is doing here. He foreshadows the ending in the beginning of the comic then he goes into a lot of detail describing the way time works in the Vault & why Darwin, Synch, và X-23 were chosen to go inside. As more pages are put into lớn the set up, though, it becomes obvious that readers aren’t going lớn get a look at what’s going lớn happen to lớn the team at all in this issue and that’s a bit of a disappointment. Eventually, the team will leave the Vault và readers will get a more full explanation of what happened inside, but it would have been more effective sầu to give sầu a glimpse of what was going to lớn happen. It also feels like a bit of waste khổng lồ sideline X-23, who has proven her leadership qualities in Fallen Angels.

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Other than that, there are a lot of cool little moments in the comic. The Vault is contained in a giant Master Mold that should be familiar to long time X-fans- it’s the same one from Grant Morrison’s initial New X-Men story arc, “E Is For Extinction”. During the briefing, X-23 calls herself Wolverine và Logan backs her up on that one, a smile on his face. One of Hickman’s patented info dump pages talks about what resurrection did to Synch’s mental health and how steps have been taken lớn make sure that thing never happens again. Finally, there’s a glimpse of a mysterious group standing with Serafimãng cầu, the escaped Child of the Vault.

R.B. Silva’s art is lovely. The fight scene between Wolverine & the mind controlled farmers is quiông xã và hardhitting and it perfectly captures the feel of that event. Another artist might have sầu dragged it out a bit, but Silva gets right to lớn the point with it. He also makes the Master Mold look great. The years have sầu not been kind khổng lồ it, as it is damaged with chunks of it missing. The Children of the Vault’s designs look good. The new costumes for Darwin, Synch, & X-23, however, aren’t very good. It’s obvious what he was trying khổng lồ do- update the classic xanh và yellow X-Men costumes, but they just don’t look nice at all. That’s a minor quibble.

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X-Men #5 is a good issue that could have sầu been great with just a little tweaking. Hickman is setting something up with this one, but spends too much time telling readers about the Vault and spends very little time showing them anything. This issue is intriguing, but it could have been so much better. R.B. Silva’s art is wonderful. He makes some very cool thiết kế choices, except the new costumes for Synch, Darwin, and X-23. This one was right on the cusp of greatness, but fell a bit short. It’s still very good, though.