Eclipse color theme


This new release fixes some customizer problems reported in the forum. If you are still experiencing any troubles, please report the issue in the forum, the dev team và myself will vày its best khổng lồ help and fix it !

The Hueman addons plugin has been updated lớn version v2.0.8 at the same time. It is important that you update the plugin as well.

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This update is safe for child theme users. 

This Hueman theme v3.3.5 introduces typography improvements & a better support for WooCommerce. The theme screenshot has been updated with a new mix of colors & images.

Developers : toward more modularity

The template structure has been modified to lớn allow more modularity when printing content.

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Each of the main templates has been split in smaller pieces as follow :

archive.php => tmpl/archive-tmpl.php => parts/post-list-articles.phpindex.php => tmpl/index-tmpl.php => parts/post-list-articles.phpsearch.php => tmpl/search-tmpl.php => parts/post-list-articles.phpsingle.php => tmpl/single-tmpl.phppage.php => tmpl/page-tmpl.php404.php => tmpl/404-tmpl.php

Now any nội dung is rendered as a section with a new utility name hu_get_content() , with before and after hooks allowing developers khổng lồ easily inject custom html markup anywhere.

In the near future, this simple structure will allow us lớn create flexible page và post content. In other words, this is the first stone of a page builder for the Hueman theme :).

New screenshot

The theme screenshot has been refreshed with a new color palette and new images. You can see it live in the Hueman theme demo.

If you want to lớn reproduce this design, here are the colors used :

topbar background : #121d30header Background color is : #454e5cprimary color 1 ( left sidebar + liên kết ) : #16cfc1primary màu sắc 2 ( right sidebar + phản hồi bubbles ) : #efb93f

Note : on the demo, the topbar uses a transparent color set in the additional css from the customizer > Advanced Options > Additional CSS , with the following css code :body .search-expand, #nav-topbar.nav-container background-color: rgba(18, 29, 48, 0.7);



Fixed : array to lớn string error with hu_is_checked()Fixed : selective refresh disabled when link widget enabled. Cf WP vi xử lý core ticket #39451Improved : img khổng lồ smartload must have an src which matches an allowed ext. Fixes issues with Ultimate Membership ProImproved : showroom hueman specific widgets panel icon as inline customizer jsImproved : front kết thúc jQuery plugins, rightly handle sizes/data-sizes attribute replacement in phpImproved: customizer social links module user interfaceImproved : introduced hu_get_content( $tmpl ) which takes care of all nội dung rendering inside section > .pad accross the themeImproved : post messaging for the social liên kết customizationImproved : customizer font option set to lớn postMessageImproved : body toàn thân font size set to lớn 1rem == 16px in all browsersImproved : fonts sizes phối in relative em instead of px unitImproved : the font các mục is now defined in one place in init-core.phpAdded : utility hu_is_real_home() => handles the case when the user want to lớn display a page on home but did not pick a page yetAdded : Gitlab icon khổng lồ social linksAdded : wp_add_inline_style() on front allowing to add user option based cssAdded : a new template for the WordPress loop named post-list-articles.php for index.php, search.php and archive.phpAdded : 6 content templates in tmpl/ use to render the various contextual nội dung : single, page, archive, search, 404, indexAdded : website font-size option in the customizerAdded : icon form size option for the social linksAdded : better tư vấn for WooCommerceAdded : user fonts family lớn the wordpress editorRemoved ru_RU translation files because it is not completed online