The flash: season 2, episode 21


The next day Barry và Iris go khổng lồ his mom’s grave và put down flowers along with The Runaway Dinosaur book lớn honor her. Barry never actually visited his mother’s grave until now. Iris admits she never cared for the book because it told a story of a mother who was always there for her son và she and Barry never had that. Barry corrects her that they did have someone who was always there for them…Joe. Barry than tells Iris that he’s not sure what it is going on between them but that they have always had each other.

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The last scene is at the CCPD where Zoom is talking khổng lồ Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) và he tells her that he’s had enough of her roller coaster going around and around again, that she is either with him or against him. He tells the horrified Caitlin he is going khổng lồ go out to lớn the main room & talk to his army of meta-humans. When he comes back if she is still here that means she has chosen to be with him và to be loyal to him. If she is gone it means she has chosen her friends & that he will show her no mercy & her fate will be as theirs. Caitlin stares và listens in terror as Zoom delivers a rousing, horrific speech lớn his meta-human army about taking over Earth 1 from the humans.

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Review of The Flash season 2 episode 21 titled “The Runaway Dinosaur”

Emotional & slow moving with an exceptional performance by Grant Gustin, season 2 episode 21 titled “The Runaway Dinosaur” focuses on the pain and sorrow Barry still feels for losing his mother at such a young age & the guilt over not saving her when he had the chance for the greater good of others. It’s a very different episode in style và tone partially because it’s directed by Kevin Smith and mostly due khổng lồ the writing. This is an introspective episode focusing mostly on Barry’s guilt, pain, và finally acceptance that one can not allow all the horrible things that happen lớn you or to the ones you love lớn define you và dictate your actions.

The stand-out performance goes lớn Grant Gustin who delivers nothing less than an Emmy-worthy performance as Barry who goes through wave after wave of emotions trying to lớn figure a way back lớn those he loves. The scenes between he and the image of his mother are truly heartbreaking & are sure to lớn bring tears khổng lồ the viewers’ eyes. (No, nothing, I’m fine…must be catching a cold is all…sniff sniff.)

With Zoom’s meta-human army ready lớn attack Central City, Caitlin’s time almost out (will she run back lớn Team Flash and try to lớn help them defeat Zoom or surrender khổng lồ her inner darkness và join Zoom in his fight being his loyal moll?), & Barry back khổng lồ full strength as The Flash, the final two episodes of season two should be exciting, action-packed, and unfortunately heartbreaking.