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Eager khổng lồ discover a quiông chồng way lớn disable Open File security warning on Windows 10? That’s precisely what we have for you.To make that happen, change your Internet options. You may also disable User Account Control.

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How can I disable Open File security warning on Windows 10?

1. Change your Internet options

mở cửa File security warning usually appears when trying to run downloaded files, but you can fix this problem simply by changing your Internet options.

This is relatively simple and you can vì it by following the above steps. After changing these settings you should be able lớn run downloaded files without any problems.

2. Disable User Account Control

Once you disable User Account Control, you should see fewer security warnings on your PC. Disabling User Account Control won’t greatly reduce your security, so you can disable it without fear.

If you’re frequently getting an xuất hiện File security warning, you might be able to disable it by turning off User Account Control.

This is a security feature of Windows that notifies you when trying to change a setting or perform an action that requires administrative sầu privileges.

Users claim that this feature is the cause behind this security warning, và if you want lớn disable it, you need lớn turn off User Account Control.

This guide will help you become an expert in managing User Account Control!

3. Modify your registry

After making the changes, cthua Registry Editor and restart your PC.

Your registry holds sensitive system information, and by modifying it you can disable this security warning from appearing.

Modifying the registry can be potentially dangerous if you’re not careful, so we advise you to lớn be extra cautious.

Once your PC restarts, the problem should be fixed & you won’t see the security warning anymore.

If you don’t want to manually edit your registry, you can download Disable_Open-File_Security_Warning.reg file and run it.

By doing that, you’ll disable the security warning for the specified file types. In case you want khổng lồ enable the security warning, simply download Enable_Open-File_Security_Warning.reg and run it.

4. Edit your Group Policy

Select Enabled và paste the following line in Specify low-risk extensions input đầu vào field: .avi;.bat;.cmd;.exe;.htm;.html;.lnk;.mpg;.mpeg;.mov;.mp3;.mp4;.mkv;.msi;.m3u;.rar;.reg;.txt;.vbs;.wav;.zip;.7zClichồng on Apply and OK khổng lồ save changes.

You can prevent this security warning from appearing by using Group Policy Editor.

This is a useful application that allows you to lớn change various settings, but unfortunately, it’s available only on Pro & Enterprise versions of Windows.

To use Group Policy, vì chưng as described above sầu. Cthua kém Group Policy Editor và restart your PC. Once your PC restarts, kiểm tra if the problem still appears.

Check our handy guide to easily edit the Group Policy like a pro.

5. Use Commvà Prompt

When Comm& Prompt starts, enter the following lines:REG ADD "HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionInternet SettingsZones3" /V "1806" /T "REG_DWORD" /D "00000000" /FREG Showroom "HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionInternet SettingsZones3" /V "1806" /T "REG_DWORD" /D "00000000" /FREG ADD "HKLMSOFTWAREPoliciesMicrosoftInternet ExplorerSecurity" /V "DisableSecuritySettingsCheck" /T "REG_DWORD" /D "00000001" /F

You can also prsự kiện this security message from appearing by using Comm& Prompt. Many users don’t know this, but you can use Comm& Prompt to lớn quickly edit your registry.

We have sầu to lớn warn you that modifying the registry can be potentially dangerous, so you’re doing it at your own risk. To fix this problem using Comm& Prompt, vị as described above.

After commands are executed, you might have to lớn restart your PC to apply the changes.

Working in Commvà Prompt will be like a walk in the park after you read our guide!

6. Unblochồng the file

When the Properties window opens, go to the General tab & clichồng on the Unbloông chồng button.

To stop this security warning from appearing, you might need to lớn unbloông chồng your tệp tin. Sometimes files can become blocked causing this warning to lớn appear.

To unblochồng your file, be sure that the tệp tin is located in a directory that is associated with your user accounts such as your Desktop or Documents.

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If you want to unbloông chồng a specific tệp tin, complete the above procedure. After doing that, you won’t see the security warning for this tệp tin anymore.

7. Unkiểm tra Always ask before opening this file option

Run the problematic file.

If you want to disable mở cửa File security warning for a specific tệp tin, you can bởi it simply by unchecking a single option. To do that, follow the above procedure.

After doing that, you should be able khổng lồ open that tệp tin without any security warnings.

This method is simple và straightforward, & it’s rather useful if you want to lớn disable this security warning for a specific tệp tin.

8. Take ownership over the problematic file

If you’re getting this security warning on your PC, you might be able lớn disable it for a specific file by taking ownership of that tệp tin.

This is relatively simple, và you can vày it by following the above sầu procedure.

After taking ownership of the tệp tin, you should be able khổng lồ run it without any security warnings. If you’re an advanced user, you can also use Comm& Prompt khổng lồ take ownership of a certain file.

To bởi that, just follow these steps:

When Command Prompt opens, enter:takeown /F

Of course, be sure to replace the with an actual path khổng lồ the problematic tệp tin. This method is faster, but it requires you to lớn enter the exact path to lớn the problematic application.

If you’re an advanced user & familiar with Commvà Prompt, feel không lấy phí to lớn try this method instead.

9. Change Local intranet settings

Open Internet Options. We showed you how khổng lồ vị that in Solution 1, so be sure lớn kiểm tra it for detailed instructions.Save sầu changes and your problem should be resolved completely.

According to users, this security warning can appear if you’re trying to lớn run an application from a network directory.

To fix this problem, you need khổng lồ add the name or the IP.. address of the hệ thống on which the application is stored in Intranet settings.

This is relatively simple khổng lồ bởi, & you can vì it by following the above sầu steps.

If you don’t want to use Internet Options, you can make the same changes using the Group Policy Editor. To vì chưng that, follow these steps:

xuất hiện Group Policy Editor. To see how lớn vì chưng that, kiểm tra the first step of Solution 4.

Both methods will achieve the same results, so you can use any of them. Keep in mind that this solution works only if you’re trying to run an application from a network directory.

10. Use Command Prompt


According to lớn users, you might be able lớn fix the problem with the annoying security warning simply by copying the affected files lớn a new location.

To vì chưng that, locate the problematic files and select them. Now copy them lớn your Desktop.

After doing that, delete the original files from their directory. Now move sầu the files from your Desktop to lớn the original location. After doing that you should be able khổng lồ run those files without any problems.

Users reported that this workaround works with Internet Explorer favorites, but be sure to try it with other files that are giving you this security warning.

Files are copied too slow? Cheông chồng our comprehensive sầu guide to lớn solve this issue!

xuất hiện File security warning can be rather annoying at times, but you should be able to prsự kiện it from appearing by using one of our solutions.

Moreover, use them when encountering these similar issues too:

Open tệp tin security warning we can’t verify who created this file – Solve this rather comtháng issue shouldn’t be too complicated. Feel free to lớn change your Internet options or set up the tệp tin location as a trusted site and see if this makes any difference.

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Open tệp tin security warning add trusted locations – Countless users have been constantly trying khổng lồ solve this issue lớn absolutely no avail. If you’re one of them too, the above tips are pure gold.