Temple run 3

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Temple Run 2
Menu, Unlimited Money
Android 4.0
Arcade, Games
Google Play
Imangi Studios
Arcade, Games
October 8, 2022 (4 weeks ago )

Temple Run 2 hack has attracted a lot of fans since its launch. When you join, players will experience endless running. The trò chơi developed by Imangi Studios has improved the noticeable graphic image right from the moment it entered the game. Clearly, Temple Run 2 mod has added more features and events than the previous version a lot. Which creates a satisfying discovery along with the appearance of interesting characters. Jetpack Joyride is also an endless running game, but it has a very dramatic shooting action element.

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Download Temple Run 2 hack – Run From Ape

Download Temple Run 2 mod – Run From Ape

Inspired by the success of the old version of Temple Run who explores the wilderness. Obviously, in the style of Endless Runner 3D, you will transform into a guy or girl who goes exploring in the mysterious forest và is lucky lớn discover the antiques hidden in the forest. But when leaving the artifact out of position is also the time you awaken the monsters in the forest, then the chase begins your mission to always run forward lớn escape the giant ape in the forest.

Large and yet khổng lồ find a way out. In addition khổng lồ running out, you will have khổng lồ pick up coins và items that appear on the way. Because they will help you later và especially the items you collect will be a powerful tool for you in collecting antiques and running away from the apes in the background that can catch you at any time.


Control character proficient

Starting the game you will start with an impressive swing on a rope and then cross the abyss through the clouds. With fairly simple gameplay, Temple Run 2 gian lận wants you lớn cleverly overcome obstacles by swiping the screen left, right, up, and down khổng lồ control your character. In addition, players can combine presses 2 times continuously on the screen to lớn activate the temporary acceleration feature in a certain period of time.

Besides, in your chase, the game will have items that act as a tư vấn tool for you to lớn use. For example, magnets can help you suck all the money along the way for a certain amount of time or the shield will help you lượt thích having an extra life if you are accidentally caught. Bởi vì you love cát tom? Help tomcat run lớn chase the stolen weasel & get the money back Talking Tom Gold Run is very attractive.

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Skills of observation and reflexes

Hack Temple Run 2 with unlimited running gameplay so observation và reflex skills are very important because gradually the difficulty of the game increases, the more obstacles, và unexpected bends. Making players have to lớn strain their eyes to look và observe closely. In addition, players can use blue diamonds to lớn restore the turn if caught và continue the journey, but after each use, the number of xanh diamonds will double compared to lớn the previous time.


Character system to lớn choose from

Temple Run 2 hack has a diverse character system that is updated through new versions và events to make the experience more enjoyable. Khổng lồ unlock characters, through runs you will have to lớn collect money on the way you run gradually when accumulating a large enough amount you can unlock your favorite character.

Each character has different characteristics & properties, players can collect xanh diamonds & gold coins to be able khổng lồ upgrade those attributes: such as upgrades for a longer time using magnets, shield cast time increased. Subway Surfers with a diverse character system, adorable mischievous boys give you the option to lớn run the exciting endless train.

Sharp 3d graphic design

The graphic kiến thiết of Temple Run 2 hack with 3 chiều images creates an interesting feeling, along with a sharp effect that players can feel through the first run. Attractive maps have been added such as running into a mining frame where you will sit on a train controlled by tilting the screen or go into a stream you will sit on a boat while tilting the screen to be able khổng lồ avoid obstacles. Besides, the sound is also very lively when you can feel the thrill when the chimpanzee is right behind you.

When downloading the hack version of the trò chơi Temple Run 2 at colonyinvest.net, players will experience the limitless feature of money, then you can freely unlock all the characters to lớn put in your collection, as well as the features. Features of the game & upgrade character properties. In addition, the trò chơi will be an entertaining medicine where you will be able to explore the vast forest lands, abandoned mines and experience the interesting things of the game.