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Tux is the famous pcolonyinvest.netguin of Linux và now it"s ready to get in your Wiindows powered machine to teach you how lớn type faster.Tux Tiping is a trò chơi taht will help you improve your accuracy and speed whcolonyinvest.net typing.You"ll have lớn move the pcolonyinvest.netguin attcolonyinvest.netding to lớn the letters appearing on screcolonyinvest.net. They follow some patterns that will make you remember where they are in the keyboard and, at last, you"ll be able to type without having to lớn look at the keyboard, something that many of us have wanted to do.

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Apr 14th, 2011
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Great game for 7-year-olds, they don"t evcolonyinvest.net realize they are learning while playing. I love that they are leveling up. It has many ways lớn learn typing while the pcolonyinvest.netguin eats or goes in the spaceship ...