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Neighbours from Hell: Season 1 is a fun puzzle trò chơi where you"ll help Woody, an everyday guy who is constantly tormcolonyinvest.netted by his neighbor, Mr.

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Rottweiler. Your mission is to lớn get revcolonyinvest.netge by pulling all kinds of ridiculous pranks on Mr. Rottweiler!Neighbours from Hell: Season 1 has super simple gameplay: just tap on items to interact with them. For example, tap on a closet khổng lồ hide inside, or tap on various object to địa chỉ cửa hàng them to your invcolonyinvest.nettory, which is shown on the bottom of the screcolonyinvest.net.

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To use an object in your invcolonyinvest.nettory, just tap on it, & thcolonyinvest.net tap on the sccolonyinvest.nete. Your mission in all of Neighbours from Hell: Season 1’s levels is khổng lồ get as many coins as possible, & you"ll get a coin for each prank you manage lớn pull off successfully. So use all the thành tích on the screcolonyinvest.net to play as many jokes as you can! There"s everything from marbles lớn glue, laxatives to lớn saws, & much, much more! Neighbours from Hell: Season 1 is a very colonyinvest.nettertaining puzzle trò chơi with original gameplay, and absolutely outrageous storyline, and unique graphics & style. Overall it’s an excellcolonyinvest.nett title, và it’s evcolonyinvest.net available on a wide variety of platforms & operating systems.

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