Switch Change The World is an exciting legal drama that does not exasperate!

Relentlessly eager khổng lồ maintain its stimulating momentum, Switch Change The World stuns with smart cast và excitingly flowing story.

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From its thrilling opening week, Switch Change The World threads on keeping the audience hooked with no room for anyone lớn miss the succeeding episodes.


Title: Switch Change The worldDistributor: SBSTheme: Legal, Caper, DramaLength: 32 Episodes (back-to-back)Broadcast Date: 28 Mar 2018 – 17 May 2018Main Leads: Jang Geun Suk, Han Ye Ri, Jung Woong InOverall Rating: 
Rewatch Value: 
Highlights:Oh No Moments:Related Dramas: Doubtful Victory

Powered by a nicely numbered cast divided inlớn heroes & villains’ camps, the riveting story of a conman, who poses as a prosecutor, will leave sầu you pique, and wanting more to explore his adventures.

The good versus evil battle surges to lớn a boiling point of restless reversals to lớn reach a final victorious feat for the heroes.

Switch Change The World Episode Recaps

Episodes: 1-4, 5-8, 9-12, 13-trăng tròn, 21-24, 25-Finale



Neatly Sketched và Svào Lead Cast

Clearly delineated, the good and evil players in the drama raced through a scintillating finish with equal power & motivations. I liked that the number of participating cast does not fluctuate, and how each of their roles is not wasted up to the last sprint of the culminating frames.

Carrying the weight of the story, Jang Geun Suk, who played dual roles as a prosecutor và bé artist, handled his personas with poise và commitment. The focus he limned in switching his characters, who are even switching inside the story itself, deserves an applause. Facing a superb villain in Jung Woong In made their showdowns exciting, owing to lớn how clever the characters which they played.

Having two amazing male leads, Han Ye Ri synthesized well by making sure her character keep its bearing by not allowing the dominating presence of the battling male leads swallow her position in the story. She has proven that kisses và romance vì chưng not equate to lớn on-screen chemistry for the main pairing in the chronicle.

The supporting cast, who are composed of barely newcomer actors, successfully sold themselves for possible drama offers in the future. They managed khổng lồ sustain a balanced exposure making them scene-stealer in their own ways.

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Precise Conflict và Defined Narrative

Switch Change The World made sure that the initial big picture presented get a gratifying closure in the kết thúc. It meandered on exciting curves, but maintained a graspable xúc tích to its viewers.

The usual insertion of side conflicts was upgraded in a storytelling manner, which impelled the gripping hook of the plot. Playing the resolution simple yet exciting was one of the key points why the series excited followers. The versatile writing satiated the predictable trajectory by leading the viewers lớn enjoy the outmaneuvering game played by the heroes and villains.

The drama relied on the pretext of the story, which it was trying to lớn impart, refusing khổng lồ ride on the drawing factor of adding romance to its plot. By prioritizing on the message of the narrative sầu, the audience did not even have sầu the urge khổng lồ root for a love sầu story, simply because we were piqued on how to lớn end everything for the villain once và for all.


Plot Summary

Set khổng lồ return lớn his Seoul office, Prosecutor Baek Jun Soo meets an accident on his way unfortunately, which was orchestrated by a shady group. The prosecutor falls unconscious, so his team mates finds & orders con artist (but lookalike) Sa Do Chan lớn pose for hyên lớn complete an important meeting related lớn the drug dealers they are investigating. The accident unfortunately hit Jun Soo hard, so Do Chan’s acting is to lớn carry on in order khổng lồ uncover the man behind the illegal drug dealing. When Do Chan realizes that the case actually involves the man he has also been looking for all these years, he agrees to lớn prolong as a substitute lớn the ailing prosecutor. He embarks on an arduous outwitting game with a villain, who is always a step ahead of them.


Time whizzes enjoyably in the swift paced story of Sa Do Chan. The mood, the characters, & even the music set up an engrossing legal-crime drama, powered by caper activities và clever showdown between the heroes & the villains. It maintained its upbeat tone & clever narration, while unraveling the back stories.

Prioritizing the flow of the story by utilizing its well-conceived cast makes up the visible fillers awkwardly inserted once-in-a-while inkhổng lồ the narration.

Throughout, Switch Change The World has never played favorites on the outsmarting game between the heroes & villains. The turning of tables & mind tricks powers the engaging core of the narrative sầu.

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If you like heist stories, you would most certainly be delighted to join Team Switch in their adventure.