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We could also make it resemble Windows XP among mỏi others. One of the options found on the is ‘Switch khổng lồ Metro,’ which takes you baông xã to lớn the native sầu Windows 8 UI.

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We found it relatively easy to configure, including the ability khổng lồ hide or show selected items. If you want, you can even disable the hot corners that bring up the Windows 8 Sidebar. In addition, the program provides the ability to skip the Metro start screen when booting và go directly to the desktop, which provides access khổng lồ the start button in the usual position at the lower-left corner.

Key Features of Start Menu Crack:

Classic Start Menu Returns for Win 8/10 Users

After upgrading khổng lồ Windows 8/10, users might find it difficult khổng lồ get used to lớn the new system where no exists. It can help users who are not willing lớn change their behaviors và bring bachồng the classic . Users can enjoy a familiar again with just one click while other styles are also available. The tool also offers an easy way lớn switch bachồng lớn original style. What’s more, the background color of changes along with desktop background.

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Faster & Powerful File Search

Newly-released the program owns a more powerful search engine. With 20% faster tìm kiếm speed, it can provide search results in less time. Users can also easily find files needed with more accurate tìm kiếm results. Frequently or recently used files are also pinned lớn it for quiông xã access.

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Ad-không tính phí & Cleaner Start Menu

Advertisements may distract user attention while using a system , sometimes even resulting in unwanted clicks. The tool offers 100% clean và safe to lớn help users find apps and desired files without any disturbance.


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