Samsung 860 evo 1tb,internal, 2


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I was going khổng lồ buy an M.2 just khổng lồ fill up a spot on the board, but this was more than enough for me. I never really used anything other than m.2 & HDD, because I was in a máy vi tính phase long enough for M.2 khổng lồ be cheaper.



This is a really, really nice SSD. It boots Windows in three seconds & provides fast startup times for Photocửa hàng and Premiere. The large capathành phố means I don"t have sầu to lớn worry about truyền thông media caches & scratch disks getting too large. A little expensive sầu, but worth it.

No issues here. I paid so much more than what is sells for now, but still a top quality SSD from all accounts. After readng review I"m expecting this lớn last a long time.

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Great SSD, no problems, installation quite complicated, but performs very well! Upgraded to the 870 Evo, the newer Mã Sản Phẩm.

Good SSD. I vì think it"s a little overpriced, but I was feeding my Samsung loyalty by buying it. Picked it up over the QVO because it was availible in store unlượt thích the QVO. Used as my boot drive sầu & works perfectly fine.

My old pc didn"t have sầu an SSD so this was a huge upgrade and I am very impressed at the speed that they have sầu. I also got these on sale so that"s a bonus.

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I liked the first 860 that I had for 5 yrs so I bought another one for my new system. Extremely fast on start up. Use it for OS, certain programs, and games.


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