Robot Or Human?

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*"s most significant closed, around-the-ear headphone lớn be introduced in years. Designed to lớn exceed the demands of professional environments.

The HD 280 Pro is's most significant closed, around-the-ear headphone khổng lồ be introduced in years. Designed to lớn exceed the demands of the professional environment, the HD 280 Pro boasts extremely robust construction combined with the sound unique, modular kiến thiết & aggressive sầu noise isolation that is necessary in the field. The chất lượng collapsible thiết kế, combined with swiveling ear cups, offers maximum flexibility in any application.

High ambient noise attenuation

Accurate, linear sound reproduction

Soft earpads for a comfortable fit

Folding and rotating earcups for space-saving transport

Tough, single-sided cable

Headphones For The Pros

An accurate representation of audio is key when mixing or mastering your work. Eloquent lows, a distinct midrange and clear-cut highs are what define the HD 280 PRO’s, making them the perfect companion for recording and mixing sessions. And thanks to their comfort, all those hours spent in front of a screen won’t tire your ears nearly as much as it will your eyes. Found in trang chủ and professional recording studios around the world, the HD 280 PRO has become an industry standard for more reasons than one.

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A Modern Classic

Your search for studio headphones begins and ends with HD 280 PRO. Released in 2003, these headphones have stood the demo of time. In a day và age where công nghệ renders itself useless in a just a few years, is still selling hundreds of thousands of these headphones every year.

The Podcasting Icon

With popularity of podcasts on the rise, the need to improve sầu audio listening experiences follows. The HD 280 PRO’s are used on some of the largest podcasts in the world, including The Joe Rogan Experience where they have become a staple. As comfort and performance continue khổng lồ be driving factors for those looking for new headphones, the HD 280 PRO’s are becoming more and more popular for those wearing headphones for long interviews & recording sessions.

Thomas Rex Beverly

In the midst of a challenging global pandemic, field recordist Thomas Rex Beverly finds solace in his work và says that nature is flourishing as human populations temporarily retreat. Last February, he ventured out to Washington state’s Eastern Cascades – a remote region surrounded by rugged mountains và lush forests.

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I really only bought these for it's technical quality for it's price ( considering I was on a budget ) I can sit here for hours on over just listening to lớn music with it's amazing chất lượng. A problem I had with other headphones is, after wearing them for a fair amount of time, they would begin becoming uncomfortable, and/or hurting my ears. This pair however, does not vị this. Very comfortable, even for very extended amounts of time. This only downside that's even worth noting would be, it's not the prettiest pair around, wouldn't gọi it ugly, but it isn't the most attractive sầu out there. That's really all I have sầu on it, so to wrap it up. It's got good chất lượng sound, it's comfortable,very lightweight and durable, but not the most attractive. Note: I waited 6 weeks to Reviews this sản phẩm to get a good feel for it.