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Red Giant Trapcode Suite: The industry-standard package for motion graphics in After Effects. The power of 3D particle systems khổng lồ create fire, water, smoke, snow & other organic visual effects.

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Create ultra-fast, 3D light ray effects with Trapcode Shine. Design volumetric light rays for your text, mograph or footage. Simulate clean rays or fractal smokiness with depth. Shine is After Effects 3 chiều camera-aware.


Create stylized glints và glows for motion graphics & text with Trapcode Starglow. Add Glimmer khổng lồ your highlights with 49 Presets to get you started. Starglow is fully customizable and easy to lớn use.





Instant Audio-driven Motion Graphics in After Effects with Trapcode Sound Keys. Visualize your audio for motion graphics và use any audio to drive animation and effects. With Sound Keys you can isolate audio bands for total control.


Create 3 chiều geometries animated along a path & more with Trapcode Tao. With Tao you can generate geometric shapes from masks, paths, and motion. Tao works with After Effects’ 3D camera và lights.

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With Trapcode Lux, After Effects lights are made visible. Create 3 chiều Volumetric point and spot lights and add Drama & realism to lớn your 3D Comps. Lux is fully customizable and camera-aware.


Instantly clone and offset animated layers with Trapcode Echospace. Automate complex, multi-layered 3 chiều animation with ease and control layer instances without writing expressions. With EchoSpace, you can create dynamic "falling domino" or "follow-the-leader" animations.






Create infinite (360 degree) backgrounds for After Effects 3D with Trapcode Horizon. Use image maps or create a multicolor gradient. Horizon is fully AE 3D camera-aware.




Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of Red Giant Trapcode Suite requires:


AdobeAfter Effects Creative CloudCreate incredible motion graphics và visual effects.

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AdobePremiere Pro Creative CloudMake visually stunning videos virtually anywhere.