How not to make a tom and jerry movie

Every Song in Tom & Jerry Tom & Jerry features a soundtrachồng full of upbeat R&B anthems và modern hip-hop hits. Here"s every featured track in the live-action/animated comedy.

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Tom and Jerry music songs soundtrack
Now streaming on HBO Max, Tom và Jerry features a soundtraông xã full of upbeat R&B anthems and modern hip-hop hits. The 2021 movie follows the iconic Hanna-Barbera characters in a game of cat-and-mouse throughout Manhatrã, and mixes live-action and animated comedy. Tom và Jerry was directed by Tyên ổn Story, who previously helmed music videos for "N Sync, The Lox, & Jagged Edge.

Music plays a big role in Tom và Jerry, as the focal cat is a popular Big Apple musician who lands a gig opening for John Legend at Madison Square Garden. At the Royal Gate Hotel, Tom is bothered by his rival Jerry prior khổng lồ a high-society event, which establishes the primary conflict. Tom & Jerry stars Chloë Grace Moretz as Kayla, a woman who pretends lớn be a wedding planner & must ensure that the title characters can co-exist and not cause any major problems during an especially busy weekkết thúc.

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The overall vibe of the Tom & Jerry soundtrack aligns with Story"s videography. Some movie fans may know him as the director of Fantastic Four or Barbershop, but the filmmaker began his career by collaborating with R&B musicians such as Jon. B, Tyrese, & the sibling duo K-Ci & JoJo (former members of Jodeci). In Story"s latest production, his musical past finds its way into lớn the storyline. Here"s every main song in the 2021 movie Tom và Jerry.

"Don"t You Know" - T-Pain

"Can I Kick It" - A Tribe Called Quest

"Soft Shoe" - Eric Reed

"Cool Catz" - Bizkit và Butta

"Queso" - Pell

"Don"t Sweat the Technique" - Eric B. & Rakim

"Jungle" - TedLo

"Come & Talk to Me" - Jodeci

"Bouncy House" - Flo Rida

"Free" - Tiggs Da Author

"Let"s Get Married" - Jagged Edge

"Laal Laal Aag Hua" - Sukhwinder Singh

"Something Beautiful" - Jacob Banks

"Showoff" - Bizkit & Butta

"Good Thing" - Earl St. Clair

"Rocket Fuel" - DJ Shadow feat. De La Soul

"Cut Em In" - Anderson Paak feat. Riông chồng Ross

Tom và Jerry on HBO Max
The 2021 HBO Max movie begins with "Can I Kick It" playing over an expositional sequence that establishes the Big Apple setting. Twenty minutes later, "Queso" sets in as Jerry gets comfortable in his new trang chính, and the classic "Don"t Sweat the Technique" scores a moment when Tom locates Jerry and tosses him out the window.

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"Jungle" sets the mood for a slo-mo sequence featuring Kayla, và with Tom right by her side. When Joy leads Moretz"s character lớn a hotel room, it"s revealed that Jerry is inside listening lớn "Come và Talk to lớn Me." At the one-hour mark, "Bouncy House" underscores a sequence in which Tom và Jerry venture off together in Thành Phố New York City.

When Tom & Jerry take a care ride together, "Free" captures their mood. Ten minutes later, "Let"s Get Married" establishes the tone for a wedding sequence. Tom & Jerry ends with "Cut Em In" as Kayla saves the day & ensures that Ben and Preeta have sầu a happy weekkết thúc together.

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The Tom và Jerry soundtrack was supervised by Kier Lehman (Spider-Man: Inkhổng lồ the Spider-Verse).