Photodex proshow producer 8

Photodex ProShow Producer 8.0.3648 (49.32 Mb) is a program for creating professional slide presentation. If you want to lớn present your products in the best light khổng lồ the customer, then this program will come, could not be better, so it does not require any special knowledge in multitruyền thông media content. Program to create a slide work with photographic images that you selected for presentation. graphics applications include an updated interface and new features.

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The program supports working with layers & makes it possible to lớn use an unlimited number of layers to any slide. The program supports transparency for PSD, PNG, TIFF & GIF, makes it possible khổng lồ use a mask layer, transition effects, gradient fills or fill color. Photos used in the presentation, you can edit, và address them with tools such as sharpen, change the contrast và color saturation. The presentation may contain signatures, including animation, & background music. Completed projects can be stored in one of the fourteen formats, including HD Video, Flash và QuickTime.

Additional information:

Hardware accelerated rendering:

ProShow 8 uses the graphics processor (GPU) to lớn accelerate the playbachồng of the presentation.This allows more convenient lớn create presentations with high resolution, including the resolution of Full HD.And also reduces image distortion due to lớn changes in resolution for imaging & scaling.And, of course, reduces the jitter & jerky playbachồng continues to balance the load between the CPU và graphics processor. In addition, the system will automatically disable hardware acceleration on the old system, or if the hardware acceleration is not supported.

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Horizontal và vertical angle (perspective):

Add a perspective effect lớn the fiber.independent control of horizontal và vertical tilt.Use keyframes lớn create complex effects with a slope.Use of the tilt by dragging the inhỏ, based on the edge of each layer.precise control over the slope by using the scroll bars và edit boxes.Management types of motion (such as slope accelerates or decelerates).Parameter copy skew between keyframes, layers và slides.Adding a modifier khổng lồ the slope value.

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Effect of new managers:

New effects manager (Tools → Control Effect) replace the window management styles and transitions.Management, development and application of the effects of a single window.Applying Styles slides inlớn a number of selected slides.control subjects without opening the wizard khổng lồ create a presentation.Importing a number of styles, transitions, and at a time.Increased import allows you lớn resolve conflicts for all files, not clichồng “OK” for each.Enhanced export it easier khổng lồ specify a folder when exporting some items.Export and import wizard for creating presentations.To show or hide a number of styles and transitions chosen at a time.Creating a style and a direct transition from the window control effect.Easy khổng lồ show or hide elements of a few clicks.Different sizes of the window allows you lớn view more effect on the big screen.

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