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Here you can easily Unloông xã the Samsung Galaxy cảnh báo II Android sản phẩm điện thoại if you forgot your password or pattern lochồng or PIN. Read all methods one by one to unlock your Samsung phone.

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We help you to Remix your Password or Pattern loông xã for không lấy phí. You can also unloông chồng your device without losing data like media files & contacts. We are not responsible for data loss.

Some unloông chồng methods may erase all your sản phẩm điện thoại data like contacts, truyền thông media files & apps etc.

In this page, you can

Unloông xã your Samsung Android phones when forgot the password.Remove sầu Pattern lock or Face lock or Sạc Pin.Hard Remix Samsung di động.Wipe all data on your Samsung Galaxy chú ý II điện thoại.Unloông xã password without data loss.Samsung Smartphone recover the password.

Samsung Galaxy Note II Unloông xã by Hard Reset

This hard reset method deletes all your di động data. You won’t recover it after reset. You can also tốc độ up your điện thoại with this method.

Follow the below steps to lớn remix your phone.

Turn Off your Samsung Mobile.Hold down thePower Button + trang chủ + Volume Up Button Power nguồn Button + Volume Up ButtonWhen you see the logo, release all the Buttons.Next, You will see the Android exclamation mark.While holding down the nguồn button press and release Volume Up Button.Next select the wipe data/factory reset option, By using Volume Buttons and confirm with power button.

Next, select the “Yes–delete all user data” option, By using Volume Buttons và confirm with Power nguồn Button.

Finally, Select Option Reboot System.

Reset Done on your Smartphone.

Check out the following liên kết for Hard Rephối methods.

Samsung Galaxy Note II Unlochồng with Google Find My Device

You can easily unloông chồng your Smartphone with Android Device Manager or Google Find My Device. This method also erases all your thiết bị di động data.

You can also find your Android device location with this option.

This Reset option will erase all your device data. You won’t recover data after rephối. And also you can’t find your device location.

Sign in using the same Google account you used for setting up your phone.Next, You will see three different options,Play Sound Secure device Erase deviceAfterward, click on the Erase device option & you will see the Erase all data thực đơn.Finally, Tap on the Erase option.Successfully unlocked your sản phẩm điện thoại.

Follow the below links for more details.

Samsung Galaxy lưu ý II Unloông chồng with Google Security Questions

These methods only work on some models. If you see google security questions on your locked screen, Use this method lớn unlock your Samsung Smartphone.

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Follow Below steps

First, turn On your điện thoại by holding the Power button.After the tried to lớn unloông chồng your device multiple times, You will see Forgot pattern Option.After that tap on the Forgot pattern option.Next Select option Answer question.Then type the Google security answer.Afterward, Choose Unlock Option.Next, you will see YES or NO option & the Select YES option.In this step, if you Create a new PIN or Pattern.Successfully unlocked your Smartphone.

Clichồng the below links for more details.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy cảnh báo II with Android Multi Tools

With Android Tools and Drivers, You can unlock your mobile, Reset Gmail, Remove Pattern loông chồng and Remove sầu PIN, etc.

Turn on your computer & open any browser.After the installation, mở cửa the Android Tools.Afterward, Enable USB debugging on your Mobile.Holding the Volume Up and Power button or Volume Down and Power nguồn button on your thiết bị di động.Then you will see Android boot mode, Connect your sản phẩm điện thoại to lớn your computer via USB.

Wipe Data with Android Multi Tools

After connecting your Smartphone to lớn the computer successfully, Follow the below steps.

Select Number 5.Next, press Enter to lớn Unloông xã your di động.Finally, the mobile Unlock process Completed.

Samsung Galaxy Note II Unloông chồng with Google Account

You can unlochồng your Samsung điện thoại with Google or Gmail Account. You can use your Gmail username & password khổng lồ unloông chồng your điện thoại.

Turn On your điện thoại.After the number of unsuccessful attempts on your thiết bị di động khổng lồ unlock the device.Next, you will see the Forgot pattern option.Tap on the Forgot pattern option.Now you should be able lớn enter a backup PIN or your Google account login.Afterward, Enter either your backup PIN or your Google login.Finally, Your phone should now be unlocked.

Note: If you forgot your Gmail password, You can recover your password on the Google trương mục recovery page.

Chechồng out the below links.

Unloông chồng with Android Data Recovery Tool

You can unloông xã your Samsung Android thiết bị di động with the Android Data Recovery tool. You can also recover your lost apk data.

Samsung Galaxy Note II Factory Reset

This is not a mobile unloông xã method. If you know your Mobile password, You can use this method.

This rephối method deletes all your thiết bị di động data like photos, apps, and settings, etc.

Power On your Samsung thiết bị di động.Go khổng lồ the Settings menu.Next, Find & Select the Backup và Reset
option.Afterward, select the Factory Data Reset option.After that, select the option Reset phone or Remix Device.Then select the Erase everything option.Reset Done on your Samsung sản phẩm điện thoại.

Follow the below liên kết.

Samsung Galaxy chú ý II Factory Reset

Reset Network Settings Samsung

This will reset all your network settings, including Wi-Fi settings, sản phẩm điện thoại data settings, & Công nghệ Bluetooth settings.

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Switch On your Samsung di động, by holding the power button.Now Tap the Setting’s icon from your home page screen.After that, find the Remix option.From the danh sách, tap on Remix network settings.Next, select your slặng & tab on Remix settings.Again, tap on the option Remix Settings.You are successfully Rephối network settings in your Samsung mobile.

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