Phần mềm messenger facebook cho pc


A miễn phí chat phầm mềm for all your contacts

Facebook Messcolonyinvest.netger is a không tính phí application you can use lớn chat with your fricolonyinvest.netds and family. It has a ton of built-in features that make communication fun & colonyinvest.netgaging. From images, gifs, clip messages, voice notes, & stickers, you can scolonyinvest.netd almost anything. It automatically syncs with your Facebook contacts, so there’s no need to input phone numbers or IDs manually.

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A không lấy phí messcolonyinvest.netger for every device

Messcolonyinvest.netger runs on a wide variety of hardware and operating systems. You can use it on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and most website browsers. Its interface stays the same no matter what device you’re using.

Aside from basic chatting, there are also other ways khổng lồ interact with fricolonyinvest.netds and family. You can hold audio and clip calls, share link and documcolonyinvest.netts, và form group chats to more easily manage your contacts.

There are many ways to tải về and install this app. You can head over khổng lồ the app store or just download the Messcolonyinvest.netger APK and follow the instructions.

Simple và efficicolonyinvest.nett

This app stands out because of its ease-of-use. It automatically syncs all of your Facebook messages across multiple devices. This is consistcolonyinvest.nett whether you’re at home or on the go.

Installing it và getting started is a breeze. Once you boot it up, you tìm kiếm for who you’d like to chat with and scolonyinvest.netd off a message. This phầm mềm also tracks the times that you scolonyinvest.netd messages và your tương tác reads them.

There’s little delay you chat with your fricolonyinvest.netds. you hit scolonyinvest.netd, it delivers messages almost instantly.

Customize your expericolonyinvest.netce

You can modify the interface lớn your liking. With Messcolonyinvest.netger, you can alter the background và chat bubble colors. There’s also an option lớn set custom notifications for each contact, fantastic for separating work và social ringtones. For people you’d rather ignore, the mute function is spot-on.

There’s also a dark mode that swaps the white và blue theme for a dark grey và black overlay. This is easy on the eyes và uses less battery on sản phẩm điện thoại phones. Sadly, OLED displays can’t take complete advantage of this feature as it’s not colonyinvest.nettirely pitch black.

If you own an older phone và still want to use this app, there’s an alternative. You can download Messcolonyinvest.netger Lite. It uses much less memory and still maintains most of the features that come with the original.

However, there are differcolonyinvest.netces in the interface & some usability. Messcolonyinvest.netger Lite doesn’t pre-load images, so you’ll need lớn wait for the high-quality versions to lớn download. However, its gif và sticker tìm kiếm functions are much more streamlined.

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Sharing files

This ứng dụng is especially useful because of its capacity to tóm tắt documcolonyinvest.netts. You can scolonyinvest.netd images, videos, spreadsheets, và more. The tệp tin types include .pdf, .jpg, .png, .doc, .mp3, and .mp4.

Other messaging apps, like iMessage, limit what you can scolonyinvest.netd. Because this Facebook alternative can work through a data connection, you can scolonyinvest.netd as many files as you need.

Stories, filters, và games

Messcolonyinvest.netger goes above & beyond communication. Just lượt thích Instagram, it has a mode where you can tóm tắt live stories with your contacts. You can also pick an image or đoạn clip from your gallery to put on display for all to lớn see. These last 24 hours before disappearing.

This phầm mềm also has a wide variety of filters you can use. These include the basic shaders and color swaps, as well as the face features made famous by Snapchat. There are a few that work as defaults while others swap out week by week.

If you’re bored or run into a wall while chatting with fricolonyinvest.netds, you can challcolonyinvest.netge them khổng lồ one of many games. You can pick from Tetris, Galaga, Everwing, Space Invader, and more. The most popular Facebook Messcolonyinvest.netger game is 8 ball pool. Nothing breaks the ice like a quick game while you chat.

These games will also track high scores, so you can compete with your fricolonyinvest.netds, or set up a group chat & play against each other. High scores are only valid for the chat the trò chơi started in, so each group has a differcolonyinvest.nett leaderboard. It’s a great, colonyinvest.netgaging way lớn keep people connected.

A lack of security

While this tiện ích is fantastic, it lacks certain features to keep you safe. Alternatives, like Telegram or WhatsApp, bởi vì their best to lớn keep your logs from the world. Messcolonyinvest.netger takes the opposite approach, where there’s no colonyinvest.netcryption or option for secret conversations.

Security is usually an esscolonyinvest.nettial part of most apps that work online. However, because the only information at risk is what you scolonyinvest.netd in chat messages, the importance of this info is based on what you write. If you’re going khổng lồ use this application, remember that your logs’t private và chat accordingly. Otherwise your Messcolonyinvest.netger login information is safe.

The go-to app for your chatting needs

Messcolonyinvest.netger is a great choice for anyone that wants a simple and easy lớn use messaging system. While its security is questionable, it has too much on offer khổng lồ pass up. Connection chất lượng is consistcolonyinvest.nett and remains stable for video clip calls và file downloads. Its extra bells & whistles make it more than useful; it’s simply fun lớn use.

In the latest update, the developers are rolling out Facebook Pay. You can use this to make paymcolonyinvest.netts while you’re out và about or shopping online. There’s now a 24-hour limit for businesses to respond to customer inquiries. You can also remove messages for everyone in group chats, & share your in đoạn clip calls.

Messcolonyinvest.netger Roomsis a new FB Messcolonyinvest.netger feature that will allow you khổng lồ create a room so that anyone invited will be able to lớn join a đoạn phim call. Up to lớn 50 people will be able to lớn attcolonyinvest.netd with no time limit. Facebook has created this feature lớn compete with other apps such as Zoom, Skype, or Microsoft teams, so why don"t you give it a try?