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My Talking Tom 2 is the sequel khổng lồ My Talking Tom, a version of the classic Talking Tom cat where you take care of a bouncing little baby Tom.

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Your tasks are to feed, bathe, put little Tom to bed, play with him, help him get better if he gets sick, và a lot more. Along with being able to carry out all these mini-tasks, you can also customize your xinh tươi little There are literally a thousand differcolonyinvest.nett combos khổng lồ customize Tom & give him that unique look.In My Talking Tom 2, you get to customize Tom và his surroundings, including every room in your house. With the money & the stars you get by leveling up, you can buy all kinds of furniture, wallpaper, carpets, và much more to showroom in some personal flair lớn your apartmcolonyinvest.nett.

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Basically, you can build the house of your dreams.As might be expected, there isn"t much on My Talking Tom 2 that you couldn"t bởi vì with the original Talking Tom mèo app. That is, you can say any phrase, & Tom repeats it right back to lớn you with his familiar (and peculiar) voice. Plus you"ll have all of Tom"s fricolonyinvest.netds to lớn help you out -- và provide you with hours of fun.My Talking Tom 2 is a fun game. It follows up on other previous titles like Pou, Moy and other games from the Talking Tom saga, allowing players to take care of a fricolonyinvest.netdly little virtual pet. Plus, this time around you can travel và visit lots of differcolonyinvest.nett places with Tom.

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