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Although it just launched mere hours ago, Apple"s latest 4.7-inch iPhone 7 has already been subjected to lớn a brutal durability demo that shows the new matte black finish, while fairly resistant to lớn scuffs, is no match for a razor.

YouTube channel JerryRigEverything got its hands on one of the first production iPhone 7 models on Wednesday, and lượt thích any good YouTuber promptly unboxed and attempted to destroy it with keys, razors and sheer brute force.

Overall, iPhone 7 faired well in an array of scratch tests designed to lớn simulate everyday use scenarios, for example scuffs from a mix of keys. Apple"s anodizing process appears robust in most cases, but succumbs to lớn the tip of a utility knife.

On the front, iPhone 7"s screen scratched with a mineral kiểm tra pick equivalent to a màn chơi 6 on the Mohs hardness scale, in line with most modern smartphones equipped with the latest Gorilla Glass.

Interestingly, JerryRigEverything claims the rear iSight camera cover is not sapphire. As seen in the video, iPhone"s camera cover is unharmed by a common razor blade, but shows deep pitting with a level 6 chạy thử pick. That puts the material one level below quartz on the Mohs scale & three below corundum, of which sapphire is a variant.

For its part, Apple"s official tech specs webpage clearly state both the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus feature sapphire lens covers.

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Perhaps more questionable is JerryRigEverything"s claim that the touch ID trang chủ button — now solid-state — is covered in glass, not sapphire, as it too scratched with a cấp độ 6 pick. Táo apple is widely known to lớn implement sapphire in its cảm ứng ID stack, a contingency introduced when the fingerprint recognition system debuted on iPhone 5s. Only a material lượt thích sapphire is suitable for such a component, as iPhone"s trang chủ button acts not only handles UI navigation, but also access protection and, with táo apple Pay, payments. Inaccurate fingerprint readings from a scratched cover would be considered a major defect.

Like last year"s iPhone 6s, the new handset is constructed from 7000 series aluminum, making it nigh unbendable for regular humans. During the bend test, the channel pointed out what it calls "waterproofing adhesive," which appeared to lớn stretch out from the edge of display when it lifted away from the aluminum chassis. Táo is touting IP67 water resistance, but whether the sticky material is indeed a waterproofing agent or simply Apple"s usual liquid-based adhesive is unclear.

Today"s đoạn phim offers a fair estimation of what khổng lồ expect from Apple"s latest and greatest điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh in terms of durability, but we would take the dubious assumptions drawn from JerryRigEverything"s Mohs scale testing with a grain of salt.



said about 5 years ago

actually today"s đoạn phim doesn"t offer a fair anything,and has made a fool of itself claiming sucheven "they" admit that "Jer..." is an idiot self seeking publicity nut,yet they publish this crap anyway



said about 5 years ago

actually today"s đoạn phim doesn"t offer a fair anything,and has made a fool of itself claiming sucheven "they" admit that "Jer..." is an idiot self seeking publicity nut,yet they publish this crap anyway
I think his scratch tests are fair. Not sure how those are a lie. Nice lớn see it"s the same scratch resistance display material as last year, và not the softer GG5. It was also interesting lớn see the camera lens no longer being sapphire. The trang chủ Button was expected since it"s part of the display component, now, but I would have assumed the lens cover would still be sapphire.



said about 5 years ago

Here we go again with the "Bend-Gate". AI and all those tester - Please give it a rest!


tallest skil

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said about 5 years ago



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