Lê đức thọ và henry kissinger

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Born:October 14, 1911Vietnam...(Show more)Died:October 13, 1990 (aged 78)HanoiVietnam...(Show more)Founder:Viet Minh...

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(Show more)Awards và Honors:Nobel Prize (1973)...(Show more)Role In:Vietnam War...(Show more)

Le Duc Tho, original name Phan Dinh Khai, (born October 14, 1911, phái mạnh Ha province, Vietnam—died October 13, 1990, Hanoi), Vietnamese politician who, acting as an adviser lớn North Vietnam, negotiated a cease-fire agreement with U.S. Official Henry Kissinger during the Vietnam War. The two men were jointly awarded the 1973 Nobel Prize for Peace, but Tho declined it.

Le Duc Tho was one of the founders of the Indochinese Communist các buổi tiệc nhỏ in 1930. For his political activities, he was imprisoned by the French in 1930–36 and 1939–44. After his second release he returned to lớn Hanoi in 1945 & helped lead the Viet Minh, the Vietnamese independence organization, as well as a revived communist tiệc nhỏ called the Vietnam Workers’ Party. He was the senior Viet Minh official in southern Vietnam until the Geneva Accords of 1954. From 1955 he was a thành viên of the Politburo of the Vietnam Workers’ Party, or the Communist party of Vietnam, as it was renamed in 1976. During the Vietnam War (1955–75) Tho oversaw the Viet Cong insurgency that began against the South Vietnamese government in the late 1950s. He carried out most of his duties during the war while in hiding in South Vietnam.


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Tho is best known for his part in the cease-fire of 1973, when he served as special adviser to the North Vietnamese delegation to lớn the Paris Peace Conferences in 1968–73. He eventually became his delegation’s principal spokesman, in which capacity he negotiated with Kissinger, the U.S. National security adviser, the cease-fire agreement that led lớn the withdrawal of the last American troops from South Vietnam. It was for this accomplishment that he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Tho oversaw the North Vietnamese offensive that overthrew the South Vietnamese government in 1975, và he played a similar role in the first stages of Vietnam’s invasion of Cambodia in 1978. He remained a member of the Politburo until 1986.