Laban key: gõ tiếng việt 5

Tips lớn install và use Laban Key on iPhone & Máy tính bảng iPad will be the perfect answer for difficult users who have a high demand when looking for a well-optimized input tool và support features. Better tư vấn is the mặc định Vietnamese keyboard application preinstalled on the device.

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On an iPhone or iPad tablet device, Apple has preinstalled Vietnamese keyboard for users, however, this keyboard has only basic functions, it is difficult to satisfy the requirements of some fastidious users lượt thích the current Laban Key application.

Install & use Laban Key on iPhone and iPad

With instructions on how to install & Use Laban Key on iPhone, iPad, Taimienphi will help you have a better experience when typing Vietnamese.

How to install và use Laban Key on iPhone

First of all, you need to lớn tải về the latest Laban Key phầm mềm following the link below and install it on your device.

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– Download Laban Key for iPhone

Next we will perkhung the following steps to lớn mix up and use Laban Key to lớn type Vietnamese on iPhone or máy tính bảng iPad.

Step 1: In section Setting On the device, select the thắng lợi General settings then select Keyboard ;


Step 2: At the window Keyboard , you continue to select the công trình Keyboard then cliông xã Add New Keyboard


Step 3: In section THIRD PARTY KEYBOARD , you choose Laban key . Back khổng lồ section Keyboard , you choose Laban key words from the displayed list;


Step 4: Here, you drag the slider lớn the right khổng lồ activate Allow Full Access ;


Step 5: If this is your first time using Laban Key, your phone may still show the old keyboard by mặc định. To use the Labankey keyboard, press và hold Language inhỏ There is a globe ibé on the keyboard, select Laban Key .


So you have completed the process of installing Laban Key on iPhone, Máy tính bảng iPad. Now you can type Vietnamese on your iPhone with the comfortable Laban Key app.

To make the process of using Laban Key more comfortable, users can open Laban Key application on the phone, clichồng the icon Setting và make customizations as you like.


There are 2 main sections here Layout and Typing Type .

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User can clichồng on it Layout to lớn adjust the keyboard height, activate single-handed mode, turn off or turn on the number pad, …

In section Typing method , you can optimize the settings on Vietnamese đầu vào method, diacritics, diacritics, … khổng lồ type Vietnamese on phones with higher performance;


In addition, Laban Key also provides many other smart gadgets that are waiting for users to lớn explore during use. So Taimienphi has guided you through the steps necessary lớn install and use Laban Key on iPhone phones conveniently and achieve the best performance in Vietnamese typing. In process Install Laban Key on iPhone Or use if you encounter an error, please describe in detail and sover khổng lồ Taimienphi lớn find a solution together!

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