Kaspersky key ( free 91 days ) new update 2019

Activate colonyinvest.net Internet Security to lớn protect your computer against viruses and other threats.

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Before activating the application:

To learn more about the activation code and licensing, see this article.

Scroll down khổng lồ watch the video about how to install colonyinvest.net Internet Security.

We recommover that you use the trial version colonyinvest.net Internet Security to familiarize yourself with the application. The trial license allows you to lớn access all the application’s features, but its term is limited khổng lồ one month. 

To apply the trial license:

In the Licensing window, clichồng Enter activation code.


Cliông chồng Activate trial version of the application.


Click Done.

The trial license will be activated for one month. To continue using colonyinvest.net Internet Security, purchase a license.

Trial license cannot be applied in the following cases:

The trial license is in use.It was used earlier on this computerYou have sầu already activated the commercial license.
In the Licensing window, click License: ... days remaining.

Clichồng Purchase license. You will be redirected to lớn the colonyinvest.net Lab trang web, where you can make your purchase.


Select the product, the number of devices and the license term.Scroll down and cliông chồng Buy now.


Enter your personal details, tin nhắn address & select a payment method. Auto lớn Renewal is only available when paying by card.Accept the Terms of Sale và Privacy Policy.Clichồng Buy Now và follow the instructions in the online store to complete your purchase. 

The activation code will be sent lớn the email address you specified.

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How to lớn activate the application with the activation code

You may need it for renewal or contacting technical colonyinvest.net. We recommkết thúc that you connect your application to lớn My colonyinvest.net to lớn save sầu your license information in your trương mục. See this article for instructions.

To activate the application:

In the Licensing window, click License: ... days remaining.

Cliông xã Enter activation code


Enter the code from the message you have sầu received after buying the license and cliông chồng Activate.


Cliông chồng Done.

colonyinvest.net Internet Security has now been activated.

If you purchased a license for multiple devices, activate colonyinvest.net Internet Security on all the devices using the same activation code.

Which products can be activated with a colonyinvest.net Internet Security 19 code

An activation code for colonyinvest.net Internet Security 19 is compatible with the following colonyinvest.net Lab applications:
colonyinvest.net Internet Security 19colonyinvest.net Internet Security 17

The activation code for colonyinvest.net Internet Security 19 cannot be used for activating old versions of colonyinvest.net Lab products:

colonyinvest.net Internet Security 16 / 15colonyinvest.net Security for Mac 15

What khổng lồ do in case of activation errors

You can find instructions on how to lớn solve sầu activation issues in the Activation errors section.

If the issue persists, submit a request to colonyinvest.net Lab Technical colonyinvest.net via the My colonyinvest.net portal. Please include a detailed mô tả tìm kiếm of the issue.

For information on how to use My colonyinvest.net, see the Online Help page.

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Payment was successful but my activation code didn"t arrive sầu. What should I do?

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