Download Isumsoft Excel Password Refixer Registration Cod

Forgotten your Excel password & couldn"t access to your workbook? It"s a nightmare, but there is an easy way to get bachồng in. In this tutorial, we will guide you through step-by-step to recover lost MS Excel password with Excel Password Refixer.

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Step 1: Add encrypted Excel file

Launch Excel Password Refixer once you have downloaded và installed it on your computer, & then cliông chồng the mở cửa button.




Once the Open File dialog opens, browse for the password-protected Microsoft Excel tệp tin, select it và then cliông xã mở cửa button. That will add the Excel tệp tin inkhổng lồ this software.




Step 2: Select a proper Recovery mode

Select a recovery type from Normal, Mask, Dictionary, và Smart. If you can recall part of the password, the Mask type will be a good choice. See how lớn use Dictionary and Mask to lớn Recover Password.




Step 3: Clichồng Start khổng lồ Start password recovery

Now, click "Start" and wait for the password recovery process to be completed.




Once the password is successfully recovered, a dialog box will pop up lớn inkhung you of it. Then you can clichồng the “Copy” button và paste the password lớn open your password-protected Microsoft Excel document.




Note: The trial version can only recover 3 or fewer characters of password. If you want khổng lồ completely retrieve password, you can use the full version.

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Password Recovery Type và Settings Instruction

Normal: It will try all possible password combinations lớn recover lost Excel password. Best if you know nothing about the lost/forgotten password. You can just cliông chồng the “Start” button. Mask: Highly recommended to lớn use this type if you can rethành viên your password partially. If you choose Mask, you can define the password symbols which you can remember. A Password Mask must be defined if you use Mask. And it will reduce password recovery time.




Dictionary: Recover lost Excel password by trying the password combinations in the built-in dictionary. You can also create your own dictionary using various languages. Best if you use regular words or phrases for password. The picture below is the instruction of dictionary password recovery type.




Simply select the desired dictionary file. In addition, you can select an option "Smart mutations" or "Try all possible upper/lower case combinations".




Smart: It will try all possible characters combinations include all printable characters to lớn recover Excel password automatically và smartly. Get more see How to lớn Persize a High Performance Password Recovery with software

Other Settings

Range: Setting the range options you can be sure about the lost/forgotten password of the encrypted MS Excel data tệp tin will shorten the recovery time & increase password recovery success rate.




Length: The minimum & maximum possible length for the password can be mix as your will.

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Auto-save: Automatically save the process if you enable this option và resume the process when you run the program next time. It makes you more convenient to recover your lost/forgotten password of Excel document.

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