How to remove hp mobile protection sensor driver hpdskflt

Dozens of users recently came across the issue that HP điện thoại Data Protection Sensor not working after upgrading khổng lồ Windows 10 Creators Update (V1703) from Anniversary Update (V1607) or Windows 10(V1511), with the error message showing in Device Manager, “The driver for this device has been blocked from starting because it is known to lớn have problems with Windows. Liên hệ the hardware vendor for a new driver. (Code 48) ". If you just happen to lớn the get stuchồng at that annoying HPhường Data Protection Sensor stopped working hitch in Windows 10 Creators Update, below are two workable fixes to lớn resolve sầu it.

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How to Fix HPhường thiết bị di động Data Protection Sensor Not Working in Windows 10 Creator Update

In most cases, the thiết bị di động Data Protection Sensor blocked problem after installing Windows 10 CU on HPhường EliteBook 8570w, EliteBook 8470p, HP. ProBook 2570P., ProBook 4540s và more is triggered by driver or software compatibility issues. That is to lớn say, the Mobile Data Protection Sensor driver installed on your HPhường laptop after Windows OS Update may go outdated, missing or incompatible with the Creators Update for Windows 10 since Windows doesn’t always offer the best-matched device driversfor the newly released Windows Operating System in the first place. To download the proper HPhường. Mobile Data Protection Sensor driver & repair the Smartphone Data Protection Sensor disabled bug, you can either go to HP.. official trang web khổng lồ tìm kiếm for available downloads as option 1 shows or use a professional driver update utility as option 2 guides. Below are detailed tutorials.

Option 1. Reinstall the HPhường Smartphone Data Protection Sensor Driver for Windows 10 Creator Update

To reinstall the HP sản phẩm điện thoại Data Protection Sensor driver, you need lớn uninstall the current one. For details about how to delete a device driver, please check there. And then follow below steps to lớn get the thiết bị di động Data Protection Sensor bachồng khổng lồ HPhường laptops.

Step 1. Navigate khổng lồ HP support page.

Step 2. Type the HP Model number to get the available Smartphone Data Protection Sensor driver’s tải về tệp tin. Here we take HPhường EliteBook 8570w for example.


Step 3. Expvà the Driver-Storage selection under the listed to HP. EliteBook 8570w software và driver tìm kiếm results.


Step 4. Find the “HP. 3 chiều DriveGuard Software” and cliông chồng “Download”.

Step 5. After the tải về completes, locate the HP 3D DriveGuard Software tệp tin in your browser or “Downloads” thư mục, then double-click khổng lồ install it.

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Option 2. Update the HPhường điện thoại Data Protection Sensor Driver with Driver Talent

Driver Talent, an automatic driver updater, being reviewed as the safest & fastest Way to update drivers, could detect whether your HPhường mobile Data Protection Sensor driver is incorrect or not & other device driver’s problem then fixes them with just one-cliông xã.

Click the button below lớn get Driver Talent instantly và tải về the WHquốc lộ HPhường MDPhường sensor driver / HPhường 3 chiều DriveGuard Software driver lớn recover the connection between HPhường. MDPhường & Windows 10 Creators Update.

Download Now

Step 1. Cliông chồng “scan” to lớn let Driver Talent scan all the drivers installed on Windows 10 CU. All the faulty drivers will show to you in the scanning results, including your Windows 10 HP.. MDP sensor driver if it is improper.


Step 2. Cliông chồng “Download” lớn install the most compatible HPhường 3 chiều DriveGuard driver or cliông chồng “Update” to lớn get the lathử nghiệm one lớn figure out the Windows 10 HPhường. Mobile Data Protection Sensor doesn"t work glitch after upgrading lớn Creators Update.


Notes: Backup your drivers in advance in case any further computer issues occur lượt thích installation stuchồng, xanh screen etc., or you may want to lớn roll back drivers in the future. And it is not recommended update what aren’t broken.

Step 3. Reboot your computer to make the newly updated HP. 3D DriveGuard drivers come inlớn effect.

That’s it! Hope the two solutions above could be helpful for you to lớn troubleshoot the HPhường sản phẩm điện thoại Data Protection Sensor not working hitch in Windows 10 Creators Update. Should you find more workarounds on how to lớn fix HP. MDP. sensor issues on Windows 10 CU, please chia sẻ with us in below comments section or go to lớn the OStokhổng lồ official diễn đàn for more discussion.

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For more Windows 10 / Windows 10 Creators Update errors và troubleshooters, please refer to Windows 10 Common Issues & Fixes.

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