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Tips & tricks to lớn fix hãng nokia 3 troubles. This phone comes with cheap price for 5 inches LCD screen at 720p resolutions. It is still have enough memory khổng lồ run multitasking applications because it have 2 GB RAM. The internal memory also not too small, with 16 GB total storage. Both front camera và main camera at back side of body at NOKIA 3 (Android) also have same 8 MP resolutions. Vì chưng not worry khổng lồ ready flashdisk at nokia 3 (Android), because it have USB OTG capabilities, just make sure use flashdisk microSD port or use OTG cable. Find more reviews information about how to solve problems of NOKIA 3 (Android) at www.colonyinvest.net.

What is Advantage of hãng nokia 3 (Android) Specifications:

GSM 3G HSDPA single or dual simcard4G LTE Broadband connectionsLCD 5 inchesInternal memory 16 GBRAM 2 GBExternal memory microSD maximum 256 GBMain Camera 8 MP, f/2.0, autofocus, LED flashFront Camera 8 MP, f/2.0 for selfie photographyProcessor Octa-core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A53Operating system Android Nougat version 7.0Battery Li-Ion 2630 mAh

#Option 1, How to Hard Reset nokia 3 (Android) with software menu:

Turn on this phonePlease Make sure hãng nokia 3 (Android) battery already charge properly or minimum have một nửa capacityGo lớn menu: Setting > Backup & Reset > Factory data reset > Reset deviceChoose Erase EverythingNOKIA 3 (Android) will bởi the process to lớn Master Reset to lớn Factory Default


#Option 2, How khổng lồ Hard Reset hãng nokia 3 with Hardware key button:

Turn off hãng nokia 3We have lớn connect nguồn charger khổng lồ our phone right nowPress and hold together : Power Button + Volume Up (about 10-20 seconds or more and the LCD while screen show hãng nokia Logo và command) Release All button once we see app android Recovery with several menus at our phoneIf we see the menu at LCD screen, choose Wipe Data/Factory Reset with Volume Button to select và use Power Button to ok or enter.The hãng nokia 3 will doing the process of restoring lớn factory default. And if we go back to Recovery menu, choose Reboot khổng lồ start this phone from beginning.

How khổng lồ Unlock or Fix or Bypass or Solutions for hãng nokia 3 forgot password code or security lock screen pattern or pin (lost password)?

We can not use fingerprint at hãng nokia 3 because this phone does not have it. But if we want khổng lồ give security protections, then we can choose factory default options from thực đơn Setting lượt thích screen lock pattern or password sạc pin protections. Because it is very recommended lớn secure our important data when our nokia 3 away from us or stolen or lost. We usually use screen lock pattern because it is fast & easy to mở cửa anytime. The problems will be happen when we forgot security answer, what should we do?

Do not worry about security protections, because app android already give solutions when we forgot security screen lock pattern or password pin sạc protections using Google trương mục to unlock it. This hãng nokia 3 already use latest game android version which already implement FRP (Factory Reset Protection) to secure our phone when stolen or lost. Anyone who bởi vì not know previous Google account, can not use this phone although we bởi hard reset or reformat the operating system. Therefore we have khổng lồ make sure keep our email / Google account secure. Lớn recovery forgotten protections or passcode, please vì chưng hard reset using hardware button combination key. After reformat finish, Verify your account with previous Google Account.

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Is That Any Secret Code for Doing Format NOKIA 3 ?

There is no secret hidden code for nokia 3 to make it back khổng lồ factory default. Vì chưng the options above to lớn hard reset it.

How khổng lồ Format or Erase Phone Memory at hãng nokia 3 ?

There are two phone memory type at hãng nokia 3, one is internal memory & the other one is external memory. If we want khổng lồ format internal memory phone then we have to vày hard reset or reformat the operating system of nokia 3 as well. Please use menu setting to vì chưng hard reset or reformat using #option 1 above, but make sure lớn give checkbox mark at Erase Internal SD thẻ / Internal storage. Then it will reformat the factory default operating system & remove or erase any data inside internal memory.

To reformat or wipe or erase all data at external memory, we can use thực đơn Setting > Storage > Erase Internal Storage / SD Card. Please always make sure all data has already backup before reformat or wipe everything, because it is hard lớn recover formatted / wiped data at internal or external storage.

How khổng lồ Make Battery of hãng nokia 3 (Android) Stronger, Life Longer and Not Fast to Drain ?

The default battery capacity at nokia 3 is good enough to lớn run 5 inches LCD screen điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh one day without need khổng lồ recharge, because hãng nokia 3 use 2630 mAh battery capacity. However, maybe some users have a lot of group chatting from Whatsapp or active in social media lượt thích Facebook / Instagram, or need khổng lồ watch full movie or playing games for several hours, then nokia 3 battery will not enough. How khổng lồ make hãng nokia 3 battery work longer? We have to do some adjustment. First we have lớn set LCD screen brightness as low as possible to safe battery usage. There are some connections features inside this phone such as GPS or bluetooth or Wifi or NFC, but if we bởi not use them anytime, then please disable khổng lồ save battery life. If we need khổng lồ use GPS lớn know our locations for photos or other apps, then please activate GPS battery saving mode from menu Setting > Location.