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Best Tricks lớn Get PUBG Mobile UC Hachồng for Free – 100% Working

PuBG Free UC 2021, PUBG Free UC Haông xã, PUBG UC Triông xã, PUBG Uc App Link – Are you looking for PUBG miễn phí UC Trick so that you can get some Free UC in your PUBG thiết bị di động account? Here are some proven ways to get PUBG di động UC for Free.

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We all know, PUBG mobile is a không tính tiền game và very enjoyable features for everyone. But wait, Can we enjoy Pubg mobile completely for free?

If you are thinking that you can fully access this game for không tính phí, then you are wrong. You need UC (Unknown Cash) khổng lồ purchasing Season Elite Royale Pass, Gun Skins, Vehicle Skins, Legendary Outfits và for Opening Premium Crates. UC is in-game currency in pubg di động, which helps us acquire a lot of legendary items. We have sầu lớn waste the huge amount of real money to get more UC.

But everyone can’t afford much money khổng lồ purchasing UC in PUBG Mobile, so what should you do? You can also get Free UC through some basic pubg không lấy phí uc triông xã, online deals, hacks and offers. Now you will not have to spkết thúc more money, just use your gaming skills & your mind.


What is Unknown Cash?

UC (Unknown Cash) is in-game currency in Pubg sản phẩm điện thoại. All games have sầu their own in-game currency, that is created for the purpose of purchasing in-game materials. PUBG has 3 types of currencies: 1. Silver fragments – they are obtained by just playing the game, 2. Battle Coins – they can also obtained by playing games, 3. UC – Uc is not obtained by playing games, you have khổng lồ buy it from uc store.

PUBG UC Haông xã App Download Apk

Let me clear one thing, we are not providing any kind of script, illegal methods or some type of gian lận android. Here we shared a legit way to earn PUBG uc, it’s a secret trick khổng lồ get it for miễn phí that’s why we called “PUBG UC Hack”. With the help of this android you can earn miễn phí paytm cash và buy pubg uc from your favorite store using those money.

WinZo Gold


WinZo Gold is perfect paytm cash earning tiện ích. This will help you in getting không lấy phí UC in Pubg sản phẩm điện thoại. In easy words, you need lớn install it, then create your trương mục, then play games in it or invite your friends, which will give you không tính phí wallet cash. They can be redeemed in paytm which will enable them to buy pubg uc from play store, MidasBuy or CodaShop.

Download WinZO Gold Apk

Install & xuất hiện the phầm mềm in your device.Enter Referral Code – SAGFB15BThen tab on Proceed button.Create your Account và You’ll get Rs.50 as Signup Bonus.Refer your friends & Earn Upkhổng lồ ₹5000 PayTM Cash.And Use this money to lớn buy pubg uc at cheap price.

WinZo Gold Earning Proof


Top 5 Methods lớn Get PUBG Free UC

PUBG di động gives you varieties of unlocking features khổng lồ help players in personalizing their weapons, outfits, and various other items. However, for this, one has khổng lồ get PUBG Free UC in his/her PUBG mobile by following certain methods. These are as follows:

Method 1 – With an Elite Royale Pass


PUBG Mobile never rewards its players with không tính tiền UC even when if they plan as well as win each battle. However, you will get many rewards and prizes if you buy Elite Pass. However, you have to lớn complete seasonal tasks every time you want. Especially, you will get an opportunity to win Unknown Cash.

If you already get an Elite Royal Pass from the previous season, you do not need to lớn buy it again. The first type of Elite Royal Pass costs you 600 UC while the second Elite Royale Pass costs 1800 UC for one player.

Method 2 – Via Bonus Challenge

PUBG điện thoại users will get an interesting in-game currency or pubg không tính tiền UC lớn buy different items, like outfits & Royale Pass via Bonus Challenge. Here, the Bonus Challenge system has further two different categories, which include:

India Bonus Challenge by Using Erangel Maps


India Bonus Challenge reward system lets players highlight their skills & secure points according to their performance in the match. Accordingly, you only need some skills khổng lồ fetch a few of the good battle coins. The best thing is that players may easily enter the challenge or tournament by collecting Bonus Challenge vouchers.

Moreover, in a classic type of bonus challenge, players get a chance lớn play squad matches, solo, & duo matches based on their performances. Three levels of the India Bonus Challenge are:


Players at the novice cấp độ require only one Bonus Challenge voucher with win points equal khổng lồ 200 and kill points 15 per enemy. This will give sầu players the highest reward worth 1000 Battle coins.


Adept level mandates players to lớn get 2 Bonus Challenge Vouchers & win points equal to lớn 450. Besides, one has to secure kill points of 30 per enemy. The highest reward of the level is 2,000 Battle coins.


At the expert cấp độ, players should get 3 Bonus Challenge Vouchers with kill points as 45 per enemy. Further more, the win points will be 700. The highest reward is 3,000 Battle coins.

Bonus Challenge by TDM Warehouse Matches


If you are looking for fast actions, you should take advantage of the TDM Warehouse Matches mode in Bonus Challenge. Here, you will earn plenty of battle points without playing classic matches. TDM Warehouse also has three different tournament stages:


Here, novice màn chơi players have lớn get only one Bonus Challenge voucher, kill points 3 per enemy, và 120win points. The highest reward of the tournament is 240 Battle Coins.

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Adept players should possess a minimum 2 Bonus Challenge voucher with win points 240 and kill points 6 per enemy. The highest reward is 480 Battle Coins.


In the case of expert mode, players should get 3 Bonus Challenge Vouchers with kill points & win points equal to 3 per enemy and 360 respectively. The highest reward of the expert màn chơi is 7đôi mươi Battle Coins.

Method 3 – Google Opinion Rewards

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You have sầu to lớn download the Google Opinion Rewards ứng dụng on your phone device. The app mandates a user to lớn conduct a few of the easy surveys on different platforms to lớn get a reward. These surveys give a decent amount of money as Google Pay Balance.

Here’s the PUBG Free UC App Link – Download Google Opinion Rewards

You have sầu to lớn open the pubg miễn phí uc reward app and visit the UC Purchase section. Under it, you will buy UC for the earned balance amount. Once a user has enough balance, he/she can use it to lớn get Pubg Free UC & other items available in the Play Store.

Method 4 – Get Free UC with Flipkart Super Coins

Flipkart Super coins is one of the natural method khổng lồ earn PUBG không lấy phí UC 2021. You will get a lot of gifts in the section from Flipkart’s Rewards, of which the most heart-warming gift is pubg miễn phí uc. If you have valid flipkart super coins, then you can get a package of 660 uc without paying any money. For 660uc you need a total of 650 Flipkart super coins.


You can siêu thị on Flipkart lớn get super coins, if you buy any product from Flipkart, you will get super coins, rethành viên that those super coins will be credited to lớn your flipkart trương mục when the order is successfully placed.

First of all, open flipkart ứng dụng in your device.Now Go lớn the Flipkart plus rewards section.Choose the Pubg UC deal, 660 UC worth Rs.799 at 650 super coins.You’ll get a redeem voucher from PUBG uc. (Don’t forget khổng lồ copy the code)Now clichồng on the redeem voucher option.Enter your pubg character id và voucher code.Easy babe! You get 660UC at 650 coins.Open Pubg di động ứng dụng, click on the gift icon & collect your pubg không lấy phí uc.

Method 5 – Google Play Gift Card

If you have sầu a Google Play Gift Card code, then you can buy Pubg uc for miễn phí. You will get the gift cards of Google Play for miễn phí on online surveys and on some websites that offer google play gift cards after completing the offers. When you get a valid redeem code, you can buy UC by claiming it.


xuất hiện your PUBG Mobile application & Goto lớn the UC’s section where you buy uc for PUBG.Click on that UC package which you want to lớn buy.Now a payment tab will be open in your device screen. There you can choose redeem code option, và enter your valid google play gift thẻ code.After successfully payment to pubg Mobile, your UC will be credited into lớn your trương mục.

PUBG Free UC Haông xã – FAQs

Q.1. How to lớn Get PUBG Free UC?

There are many ways to get pubg uc (unknown cash) for không tính phí in your account, you can participate in online tournaments và win the prize or use online paytm cash earning apps like WinZo Gold, Big Cash etc. You can buy uc by earning miễn phí wallet cash for which Midasbuy và codasiêu thị is the best websites lớn purchase uc at cheap price.

Q2. PUBG Free UC Haông xã Apk?

You will not find any kind of app android to haông chồng pubg uc online, in a way it is illegal. If the company comes khổng lồ know about this, then they can also take legally action against you for using crack version of Pubg sản phẩm điện thoại. To avoid such Uc haông xã game android you can use legal apps which we have mentioned here – Top 20 Refer & Earn Apps to lớn Earn PayTM Cash.

quận 3. PUBG Free UC Hack Generator?

Pubg không tính tiền uc generator, Many websites are running on such a name or topic. But wait, does it work properly? No, this is clearly fake. There is no such tool or generator available here which will generate uc in không tính phí & crediting miễn phí uc in your pubg trương mục. So stay away from such websites.

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Q4. PUBG Free UC Mod Apk?

In pubg hack android you get many features lượt thích Anti-Cheat, Wall Hachồng, Speed ​​Haông chồng, No Recoil, Auto-Alặng, Unlimited Health, Unlimited Ammo, Unlimited UC etc. It is considered illegal to lớn use any kind of craông xã version, you can also play the game honestly, because clean & clear game is the real fun to lớn play with your squad.