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We’re still waiting for an expected delivery date on this sản phẩm. Please liên hệ us for the latest information or to lớn see if we have sầu a B-Stoông xã or an alternative available.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I pre-order an thành công if it’s currently unavailable?

Yes! Apart from custom orders, all pre-orders/reservations require 100% deposits. Speak khổng lồ our friendly Online Sales Team about a possible reservation/pre-order via our Liên hệ page today!
Yes! All orders colonyinvest.nete with Essential Coverage for a year from the date of purchase once you’ve sầu registered your order details in your Swee Lee tài khoản. Log in to lớn Swee Lee with your BandLab trương mục & get another 6 months of colonyinvest.netplimentary warranty!
Unless stated in the product’s description, our products bởi vì not colonyinvest.nete with any accessories. You may browse our accessories here, or ask our friendly Online Sales Team for some recolonyinvest.netmendations via our Liên hệ page today!
Pianos, keyboards và drum sets are not assembled before delivery. Should you require an assembly for your order, please let our Support Team know via our Liên hệ page immediately after you have sầu made your order.

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Unless displayed in a store, we keep our instruments freshly sealed in our warehouse. Should you wish to lớn try an instrument before ordering it online, please gọi your favourite Swee Lee showroom before heading down, and our staff will be happy khổng lồ assist!

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