It’s rare lớn see a genre flourish beyond its original platkhung, but MOBAs were bornfor mobile. Just as with deông xã builders, the best iOS và Android MOBAs are about being able to quickly dip inlớn amatch for a speedy bout when you have chance. It’s a great format for gaming –rather than throwing hours at a time inkhổng lồ a titanic session, you canhop in & out, becoming invested in a different way.

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MOBAs can seem a little daunting from the outside –tonnes of characters, spells, attacks, & stats. But when it comes down to it, they are actually deceptively simple. Just lượt thích dechồng builders, you don’t need to lớn be at the pinnacleof playkhổng lồ enjoy a game, or the personal unique that comes from playing a particular anh hùng. But if anything they actually have sầu an advantage, since you don’t need lớn build a dechồng, and can jump between your favourite heroes based upon who you feel lượt thích playing that day.

So sit back và enjoy our list of the best mobile MOBAs available to lớn play right now.

the best di động MOBAs:

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điện thoại legends

A huge number of heroes, fast matchmaking times, & short, intense battles, makessản phẩm điện thoại Legends one of the best Android và iOS MOBAs. Its five vs five sầu formula createsexcellent battles, as you face off against opponents from around the world. Its trial pass systemis also a great way to lớn use new heroes before deciding whether to purchase them.

If you want some help getting started, be sure khổng lồ see our Smartphone Legends guide, or our điện thoại Legends tier list.


League of legends: Wild rift

League of Legends: Wild Rift is not merely a port, but a new League of Legends for điện thoại, built from the ground up with items, a fresh maps, plus characters and controls optimised for the platkhung.

Chechồng out our guide forLeague of Legends: Wild Rift Champions, orour menu of everything we know about League of Legends: Wild Rift. The game has had its first Altrộn kiểm tra, but we’re currently waiting to lớn hear more.



Though it launched a fair few years bachồng now, Vainglory is stillone of the best điện thoại MOBAs. What makes the game most special isthat it’s cross-platsize, meaning if you are on di động, you can play with friends on PC. Vainglory also features a fair variety of modes, from quiông chồng five sầu minute brawls to full on five sầu vs five sầu matches.

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Arena of Valor

Another MOBA based upon the classic five vs five formula, Arena of Valorhas over 40 heroes, covering every class you can conceivably think of. Alongside its three vs three, and one vs one modes, Arena of Valor also has the quality Hook Wars – a pretty fun king of the hill reminiscent mode, where players fight fast paced battles lớn capture andcontrolareas of the bản đồ.



Though Heroes of Soulcraft didn’t receive the best PC version, the điện thoại version is still plenty decent, following the usual five sầu vs five formula to lớn create fast & tactical battles. Like most of the other MOBAs it also has a decent selection of heroes, as well as a variety modes, both in terms of player count và time limit.


Onmyoji Arena

As a spin-off of NetEase’ Onmyoji games, Onmyoji Aremãng cầu builds upon the characters which were established by that series. Character is a big component of the game, with excellent voice-acting talent on show, alongside the usual features of a five sầu vs five MOBA. Onmyoji also has a three vs three vs three battle royale mode, which is pretty quality,và well worth a look.


Marvel Super War

The ultimate ‘who would win in a fight between…’ game. Now you don’t need to lớn speculate! Marvel Super War pits all your favourite Marvel franchise characters against each other, because when you have sầu super powers I guess you just eventually get bored and start punching each other khổng lồ see who’s strongest – Hulk obviously. The game uses the usual five vs five sầu formula, letting you & your friends build a team from all your favourites. Marvel Super War also recently launched in Australia và New Zealvà, meaning it could head westward soon.


Heroes Arena

Boasting all the usual accouterments of the sản phẩm điện thoại MOBA, including five vs five, three vs three, and one vs one, Heroes Aremãng cầu is well worth the time of any MOBA bạn. With đôi mươi heroes & six classes split amongst them, thereare plenty of tactical approaches open khổng lồ you.


Heroes of Order và Chaos

With 57 characters to lớn play, Heroes of Order & Chaos has quite a bit of variety in terms of playstyle. It also has the usual fan favourite modes of five vs five, three vs three, & one vs one. It also has a spectator mode,which adds a fun little e-sports flair, letting you watch your friends as they battle it out against opponents from around the world.

If you want some other games to play with friends, our các mục of the best mobile multiplayer games might help! Or perhaps our menu of the best điện thoại two player games, if you want something a little more intimate.

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Updated: Nov 16, 2021

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