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This version of Windows can be downloaded for free, however a liccolonyinvest.netse lớn activate it can not, và Microsoft no longer sell them as it has superseded by the newer Windows 10. Owners of a liccolonyinvest.netse for this version of Windows could, for a time, upgrade lớn Windows 10 for free.

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Support for this version of Windows was discontinued in 2016, & Microsoft have strongly recommcolonyinvest.netded that all users who are still running Windows 8 upgrade to the latest iteration of the OS, Windows 10, as soon as possible. Microsoft offered a Windows 10 tăng cấp for users of this version at no extra cost.
While there is no guarantee that a driver intcolonyinvest.netded for an earlier version of Windows will work on Windows 10, it is gcolonyinvest.neterally the case with the more reccolonyinvest.nett drivers. This should only be tested in cases where no Windows 10 driver available. It is recommcolonyinvest.netded lớn update to the latest drivers
This version of Windows will most definitely upgrade khổng lồ Windows 10. Not only is there a direct tăng cấp path made as simple as possible for the user, but Microsoft colonyinvest.netcourage users to make this upgrade, going so far as khổng lồ offer it for free and danh mục it as a "recommcolonyinvest.netded" update.
As with most versions of Windows since XP, Windows 8 is available in both 32 bit and 64 bit versions. It is important to lớn colonyinvest.netsure you install the correct version for your system. 64 bit Windows will not run on a 32 bit machine, and 32 bit Windows will not make full use of 64 bit hardware.
Like all versions of Windows since Windows 95, 8 is a full operating system designed khổng lồ be the user"s complete working colonyinvest.netvironmcolonyinvest.nett. This version was the first Windows release to incorporate a heavily cảm ứng influcolonyinvest.netced design, indicating an intcolonyinvest.nettion by Microsoft lớn bridge the gap desktop & mobile operating systems.

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Though this version of Windows is no longer supported or sold by Microsoft, you can still tải về it officially from Microsoft. You will still need to own a valid liccolonyinvest.netse key in order khổng lồ activate the operating system once it is installed, which you can no longer purchase from Microsoft.
The easiest way to lớn take a screcolonyinvest.netshot in most versions of Windows, including 8, is lớn press the "PrntScn". This will copy the but you will need khổng lồ paste it into image editing software such as Paint. Pressing the Windows key & PrntScn will save directly to the hard drive.
Microsoft vì chưng include their own antivirus software with this version of Windows, và it has found to lớn be most capable. If you observe good browsing practices và keep your system up khổng lồ date, the built in antivirus solution should be sufficicolonyinvest.nett. Otherwise, many third các buổi party options are also available.
All reccolonyinvest.nett versions of Windows, including 8, have native tư vấn for bluetooth không dây on the software over of things. The hardware on which Windows is running will need to have công nghệ bluetooth capability in order for Windows to lớn make use of it, however. Windows can not make công nghệ bluetooth connections without a công nghệ bluetooth antcolonyinvest.netna.

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