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colonyinvest.net sẽ cho chính mình biết điều gì là tương xứng với khách hàng tiềm năng của bạn, để chúng ta cũng có thể nhanh chóng gửi ra đầy đủ lựa chọn xuất sắc nhất.

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Các chuyên viên nghiên cứu thị phần của colonyinvest.net tại Việt Nam để giúp bạn có những lựa chọn xuất sắc hơn.

colonyinvest.net phân tích thị trường vn sẽ tìm thấy những thời cơ bạn phải để tận dụng, đồng thời sút thiểu khủng hoảng vốn có trong số lựa lựa chọn mà chúng ta phải đối mặt.

Các quyết định thương mại và tiếp thị của bạn sẽ luôn tương quan đến những lựa chọn. Đội ngũ nghiên cứu và phân tích thị ngôi trường của colonyinvest.net sẽ đảm bảo bạn luôn có cơ sở và lấy quý khách hàng làm trung tâm. colonyinvest.net để tiếng nói của chúng ta vào trung vai trung phong cho quá trình đưa ra quyết định của bạn.

Cho dù là mô hình đưa ra quyết định phức tạp hay như là một lựa chọn kiến tạo có vẻ đơn giản, colonyinvest.net sẽ giúp bạn gửi ra phần đông lựa chọn buổi tối ưu. Hãy tác phù hợp với colonyinvest.net để chúng ta có thể nhanh chóng chuyển ra rất nhiều lựa chọn giỏi nhất cho doanh nghiệp của mình.

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Tin tưởng

colonyinvest.net thành lập vào năm 2002. Công ty chúng tôi có 120 chuyên viên nghiên cứu vãn để khuyên bảo bạn. Hãy quan sát vào đội ngũ hoàn hảo của shop chúng tôi ở đây, cùng tưởng tượng xem gồm bao nhiêu sàng lọc mà cửa hàng chúng tôi đã đưa ra tính từ lúc năm 2002, từng nào doanh nghiệp và uy tín mà chúng tôi đã giúp cải cách và phát triển và phệ mạnh bằng cách đưa ra những ra quyết định sáng suốt hơn?


Chuyên nghiệp

Khách sản phẩm của colonyinvest.net không bao giờ rời quăng quật chúng tôi. Thực ra, colonyinvest.net học hỏi và giao lưu từ họ và ngược lại. colonyinvest.net sẽ giúp người tiêu dùng lập kế hoạch xâm nhập thị trường, cách tân và phát triển các thương mại dịch vụ và sản phẩm rất nổi bật tại địa phương, tối ưu hóa suốt thời gian tiếp cận thị trường và kiến tạo danh mục đầu tư đã mãi mãi qua cả thử thách của thời gian.

colonyinvest.net liên tục học hỏi thuộc nhau; và chính là quan hệ đối tác kể từ năm 2002.


Kinh nghiệm

Cho dù là xây dựng yêu mến hiệu đến gạo hay quỹ tương hỗ, colonyinvest.net đã đương đầu với đa số các ngôi trường hợp. Mở đầu khiêm tốn của colonyinvest.net được ảnh hưởng bởi hàng tiêu dùng và tại việt nam và Indonesia, sự trải nghiệm quý khách hàng của colonyinvest.net cũng vậy.


Linda Yeoh

CMI Manager, Shiseido Asia Pacific

We have worked with colonyinvest.net over 2 projects in Vietnam. Thuong và her team has proven khổng lồ be reliable being on top of the projects, managing different stakeholders and business objectives. They are flexible in terms of ways of working and are able khổng lồ cope with last minute changes. The research findings (Quant + Qual) have helped us understand Vietnamese in a deeper level, allowing us to lớn make clear decisions khổng lồ be successful in the market. Thank you Thuong, Nhu Tran & team for supporting us.


Thu Phung

CTI Manager, Marico

colonyinvest.net is not the type of agency that "fill in the template", but it"s customized as per the needs và expectations of Client. colonyinvest.net makes research interesting by applying new approaches to address the business issue, for example, it"s known by mặc định that product demo is CLT, but at colonyinvest.net, we did group debate for deeper understandings & insights and that resulted as a winning product which is selling well in the market. Last but not least, colonyinvest.net makes me understand that research is a journey, not just a project."

Tania Desela

Product Manager, Fazz Financial Group

It was a pleasure working with colonyinvest.net. Their expertise in consumer và market research was a significant benefit as they assisted our organization in understanding our market position in more detail and validating our hypothesis in go-to-market strategy. We were more than happy with the findings & would definitely recommend them.

Louise Knox

Consumer Technical Insights, Unilever

Just to lớn say a huge thank you for all of the film footage. We are absolutely delighted with it all. The Vox Pops are really interesting and have turned out very well – those ladies were great at talking spontaneously. You did a great job. Thank you for your patience and perseverance with getting this off the ground.


Pricing Manager, Castrol

We have worked with colonyinvest.net recently và highly recommend them. colonyinvest.net have made great recommendations on the price elasticity.

Ha Dinh

Project Lead, Yola Education

I have worked with colonyinvest.net on educational research for over 4 months. This is extremely impressive lớn me by the way colonyinvest.net approaches, cooperating & supporting me during the research launched. Specifically, the design for both qualitative và quantitative research are practical and logical with accurate questionnaires và appropriate interviews methodology for different respondents. Moreover, the outcomes of this research helps us to recognize our opportunities in the current English Language Training Market và understand profoundly our customer needs, behaviours and expectations when sending their children lớn us.

Richard Willis

Executive Director, Economic Indices, IHS Markit

Matt Thwaites

Commercial Director, Coats Group PLC

colonyinvest.net designed a customer experience programme for Coats that reached into Vietnamese, Chinese and Korean customers across various levels of seniority. colonyinvest.net instilled the importance of the voice of the customer within our executive committee. This led khổng lồ fundamental changes in our structure, services and speed to lớn market. Significant investments were made behind these improvement programmes, for example in reducing delivery times & in managing specialised custom orders, which in turn have led to lớn improved revenue streams & higher margin sales.

Dr. Jean-Marcel Guillon

Chief Executive Officer, FV Hospital

"colonyinvest.net have built và managed both our employee và customer experience programme since 2012. We have a complex suite of services with in-patient, out-patient, surgical, diagnostic, consultative & facilities to account for, all amongst patients who are naturally sensitive regarding their privacy và experience. Yet colonyinvest.net have designed a system lớn measure customer experience across multiple languages & cultures và direct us in improving this experience. Our net promoter score (NPS) has grown as a direct result of changes implemented based on this direction & continuously listening to lớn patient feedback. The NPS growth correlates directly to new patient numbers and improved profitability, as happier customers drives our business growth."

Private English Language Schools

Chief Executive Officer

Our relationship with colonyinvest.net goes back many years. We engaged colonyinvest.net to lớn provide an independent view on what our customers và potential customers think of our company. The insights from colonyinvest.net were very helpful for us lớn better understand the Vietnam market và also in developing our brand manifesto.

Anya Nipper

Project Coordination Director, Happy Thinking People

It was a great pleasure working with you. Especially a big thank you for your flexibility, chất lượng and brilliant service!

Thuy Le

Customer Insight Manager, Pharmacity

Pharmacity started a Brand Health check with colonyinvest.net in 2020 & we were immediately impressed with their great consultancy và supportive spirit. The study had interesting analysis and insights which helped us efficiently shape the sale plan and direction moving forward. We are now working with colonyinvest.net on a tracking basis to lớn continuously monitor và foster our brand performance.

Thanyachat Auttanukune

Board of Management, thai Business Association Vietnam

colonyinvest.net consistently carries out researches with international standards & consistently bring about truly mind opening local insights.

Kelly Vo

Founder and Host, Dear Our Community

I respect colonyinvest.net not only because of their dedication, meticulousness, và high-quality services but also how much they care about the local community here. I proposed the idea of doing a survey with the digital young generation on the topic of social impact và leadership. I wanted to lớn identify, shape, & develop our nội dung so that could really speak khổng lồ the heart of the problems & empower young Vietnamese lớn take kích hoạt on social impact in Vietnam. The colonyinvest.net team agreed pro-bono to help without hesitation. The research findings are truly helpful in providing us a deeper understanding of our targeted audiences, what they need và are concerned about in life. The results show us how we can help them to achieve their goals và dreams. It is no longer a shot in the dark!

Janine Katzberg

Projects Director, Happy Thinking People

I want to lớn thank you again for your help and the great job the colonyinvest.net team did in the trang chủ appliance project! The moderation was super & organisation upfront was also perfect.

Rick Reid

Creative Director Partner, Creative Life

As a creative director I have used the services of colonyinvest.net for the past 15 years when developing communications, so I know their style, innovations & resources well. Most recently we tested copy for print, out of home an digital communications khổng lồ put an Australian colloquialism into a Vietnamese context. A job và budget so small I felt it was highly likely to fall through the cracks. I was astounded at their incredible response. From their advice và style of how we should present the stimulus material, to their cross-reference manoeuvres used in the testing. Their over-delivering response, was khổng lồ an embarrassing level. We walked away with a clear winner và could present back to lớn our client with confidence và clarity. colonyinvest.net made us look great. Plus they even threw in a few extra insights on the awareness và perception of the hàng hóa in Vietnam.

Chad Ovel

Partner, Mekong Capital

colonyinvest.net digs deep to understand the key issues we need khổng lồ address. Then, they quickly customize a highly suitable research approach to provide us the insights we need lớn achieve our breakthrough business targets. From tough questions khổng lồ aha answers in just a few easy conversations!

Hamish Glendinning

Business Lead, Pāmu

colonyinvest.net not only delivered an exceptional piece of qualitative research for us, but provided hugely valuable direction when it came to product development và market positioning which we have since implemented. We can’t wait to lớn work with the team again.

Aashish Kapoor

Head of Marketing, Perfetti

colonyinvest.net - The best “Glocal” market research firm in Vietnam with whom we have developed a great partnership since many years. While the chất lượng of research & findings are of đứng top standard, the added advantage being the local insights that Richard and his team are able to lớn provide in helping us make important decisions.

Ronald Reagan

Deputy Group Head After Sales & CS Operation, mitsubishi Motors

We have worked together with colonyinvest.net many times. The findings from colonyinvest.net are factual, accurate và reliable. They deliver value from the voice of our customer so we can easily determine the next step. Working with colonyinvest.net feels lượt thích not only building a partnership but a sense of family. Very amazing khổng lồ work with colonyinvest.net, they always go beyond our expectations.

Chris Elkin

Founder, Doodle Design

I have partnered with colonyinvest.net over the past 15 years. Most recently colonyinvest.net engaged us lớn collaborate on an unusually tough new hàng hóa development project, which was akin khổng lồ selling ice to Eskimos. colonyinvest.net bought alive the consumer, her shopping journey, her cooking rituals & potential brand promises. colonyinvest.net inspired our creative team lớn build alternate brand propositions và accompanying package designs. colonyinvest.net then went back khổng lồ consumers to evaluate, iterate và optimise these in focus groups. The Doodle team were able to observe this process & subtly adjust the expression of the brand between focus groups. The result of this great collaboration was a winning brand proposition và packaging design that hit consumer needs head on whilst appealing khổng lồ their hearts.

Max Lee

Project Manager, Cido

Cido have worked with colonyinvest.net in Vietnam for more than 10 years. All our projects, both qualitative and quantitative, have been delivered in a timely manner with a high standard of quality throughout. colonyinvest.net’s client service team has provided great support over the years which has ensured smooth project execution & helped us to deliver work on time and exceed our client’s expectations.

Luan Nguyen

Market Research Team Leader, DHG

colonyinvest.net is a market research company with many experienced and knowledgeable experts that I have collaborated with. I absolutely trust their service quality.

Hanh Dang

Product marketing Manager, Traveloka

We partnered with colonyinvest.net on assessing TET campaign launch focusing on improving booking through our platform. colonyinvest.net, provided its customized campaign evaluation technique based on colonyinvest.net Online Communities that fully meets our requirement in terms of type of respondents và expected timelines. The report provided insightful findings with benchmarks to lớn identify the next course of kích hoạt for launching the campaign. We will recommend colonyinvest.net team và its Online communities for its chất lượng reporting and scale of coverage.

Mai Trang

Brand Manager of Romano, Wipro

colonyinvest.net is the research agency that I appreciate for their expertise và customer service. colonyinvest.net understand well the business context for each of project hence they can kiến thiết the research khổng lồ best fit with the objectives. The optimization on methodologies, sample form size and questionnaire bring the value khổng lồ the projects I have worked with them. colonyinvest.net can go beyond data và give me valuable insights for each of research projects based on their knowledge and experience with the industry. All of these support me well lớn navigate the brand strategy in short term and long term.

Laura Baines

Programmes Snr Manager, Girl Effect

colonyinvest.net is our go-to agency in Indonesia. They"re great collaborators, work hard lớn meet our deliverables, and are a joy khổng lồ work with.

York Spencer

Global kinh doanh Director, Singha Corporation

I"ve had the pleasure lớn work with Richard và colonyinvest.net over many years & across multiple markets. colonyinvest.net was a key partner in our business decision making process including market entry strategy, brand positioning development, shopper insights, brand equity tracking, và consumer need state segmentation development. The colonyinvest.net team are local market experts who understand consumer culture lượt thích no other. I would highly recommend them.

phân tích thị trường tại vn

Đội ngũ tuyệt đối của colonyinvest.net thu hút quý khách hàng theo đều lựa lựa chọn của họ; thương mại & dịch vụ tài chính, ô tô, chăm sóc sức khỏe, cung cấp lẻ, giáo dục, du lịch, khách sạn với hàng tiêu dùng. Hiện nay nay, colonyinvest.net đang giúp sức khách hàng của chính bản thân mình đưa ra gần như lựa chọn tốt hơn so với các lựa chọn dịch vụ thương mại và tiếp thị. Hãy xem ý kiến người sử dụng của colonyinvest.net trên đây.

colonyinvest.net liên tưởng với khách hàng của bạn theo đầy đủ cách sáng tạo để mày mò thông tin chi tiết về họ. colonyinvest.net tìm kiếm những xem xét và cảm giác của khách hàng hàng của người sử dụng một bí quyết rất kỹ lưỡng. colonyinvest.net phối kết hợp rất những các phương thức tiếp cận bao gồm trực tuyến, thiết bị di động cho đến gặp mặt trực diện để tò mò điều gì thúc đẩy người sử dụng của bạn.