How to combine pdf files on foxit reader?

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Saving your files as a PDF will help us expedite the printing process and ensure that your order is printed lớn your specifications.

To combine several files into lớn a single PDF:

Launch Foxit PhantomPDFDepending on which Toolbar mode you are using (Ribbon or Classic), your screen might look slightly different.Ribbon Mode: Go to "File," select "Create PDF," then select "From Multiple Files."


A new window will open.At the bottom of the window, select “Merge multiple files Into lớn a single PDF tệp tin.”

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To add files you’d like lớn include in your document, click "Add Files...", then select "Add Files..." again. You can add files from most Microsoft programs, PDFs, and most types of images.Tip! You can also add all the files in a single thư mục by selecting "Add Folder..." instead of “Add Files…”.

A new window will open, allowing you khổng lồ browse for your files.To select a single file, cliông xã on it once, & click “Open.”To select multiple files, hold down the Ctrl key while you cliông xã, then clichồng "xuất hiện."

Once you add your files, they will be listed with their file names và additional information.You can rearrange these files" order by selecting the file in the list and clicking "Move Up" or "Move sầu Down."To remove sầu a file from the danh sách, cliông xã "Remove."

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A new window will open asking you where khổng lồ save your PDF and what you’d lượt thích lớn name it. After choosing where lớn save your file và what lớn name it, cliông xã “Save.”

Once your PDF is finished, the Convert window will remain open. You can continue lớn create additional PDFs by adding or removing files, or you can cthua thảm the window & enjoy your new PDF.