Russians attempt to topple google in vietnam

You use Coc Coc lớn be able to lớn access Facebook without being blocked, or download YouTube videos quickly without IDM. However, a big mistake that Coc Coc or it has is that it cannot access the network. So how lớn handle it?

Coc Coc is one of the familiar browsers, built on the Chromium source platform và has quite similar usage to Google Chrome browser, bringing convenience lớn users. Besides, when you download and use Coc Coc, you can go to Facebok without worrying about being blocked. Or tải về YouTube videos quickly, without the need for software that supports IDM.

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Lakiểm tra update: The way below only applies khổng lồ the old version of Coc Coc, Coc Coc will not see this error again. So if Coc Coc cannot access the network, please check if the computer is lost, if you are accessing the blocked website, try changing DNS!

However, now some users reflect that using Coc Coc often cannot access the network. Meanwhile the transmission signal is stable & not flickering. In this article, the network administrator will guide you step by step to fix the error not going lớn network on Coc Coc.

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Step 1:

At the interface on the screen, right-cliông xã on the Coc Coc icon & select Properties .


Step 2:

Appeared interface Coc Coc Properties window. In the Target section tab , you will add the --no-sandbox line lớn the baông xã as follows:

C: UsersTempAppDataLocalCocCocBrowserApplicationbrowser.exe --no-sandbox

lưu ý, add two times the space before adding -no-sandbox .

Finally cliông chồng Apply> OK to finish.

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Step 3:

Access to Coc Coc browser. We access the link below: coccoc: // flags /

At the new interface Be careful, this thử nghiệm can cause errors , you go to Windows DirectWrite section. Then, enable this feature when clicking the Enable button just below.


Step 4:

Also here, go khổng lồ the section Using Google Payments sandbox server Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, Android . Check the small triangle below và select the Disabled tòa tháp.


Step 5:

After you have sầu completed the settings in the above 2 sections, click Run Now now at the bottom to restart Coc Coc, as well as save sầu the settings.


Step 6:

Bachồng to lớn Coc Coc Properties interface. Still on the Shortcut tab of the Target section , we will delete the newly added --no-sandbox . Then click Apply> OK lớn save sầu.

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The steps to lớn correct errors cannot reach the network on Coc Coc. Save this article to lớn "fire" whenever you can"t surf the Web with Coc Coc. Besides, you should regularly update the new version of Coc Coc browser lớn get more new features and limit the errors when using.

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I wish you all success!