How to convert cda files to mp3 format


What does CDA really mean? This article will give you a comprehensive understanding of CDA file. For the solution to lớn "convert CDA lớn MP3", we would like to provide two different ways for you lớn choose, just keep reading. Besides, here is a recommended audio converter you may need:

Recently, a user sent us a 44-bytes .cda tệp tin that could not be played, và sought help with CDA khổng lồ MP3 conversion. In fact, CDA stands for Compact Disc Audio track that is not an audio format. It is a tệp tin extension for a CD Audio shortcut file format, which doesn"t include any audio data, but instead tells where each track on a disc starts and stops. So regardless of the length of the music CD, we always see that "Track##.cda" files are 44 bytes. These CDA files cannot be played on a computer without the CD. Hence, it is impossible khổng lồ convert CDA to lớn MP3 online. That"s the reason why I say that so-called CDA to MP3 online converter is a falsehood.

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Of course, if you want khổng lồ smoothly play CD audio files, it is a wise idea to "convert CDA to lớn MP3" (rip CD to MP3). How can we vày that? This article will offer you two methods lớn "convert CDA tệp tin to MP3" (turn CD tracks into MP3 files) or other popular audio formats.

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Solution 1 - "Convert CDA khổng lồ MP3" Windows truyền thông media Player

Read Music CD Information

Step 1: Launch Windows truyền thông Player & Load Your CD

Since converting CDA to lớn MP3 online is not feasible, the first way to lớn convert CDA is lớn use Windows truyền thông Player. Mở cửa Windows truyền thông media Player và switch lớn the Library Mode. Library mode is better in the sense that you can choose exactly which tracks you want to rip instead of ripping the entire CD.

Hit "Organize" và then select "Options" from the Tool menu. & then you will see "Rip Music" & "Rip settings".

Set Related Information

Click the "Rip Music" tab from the pop-up Options window. From the column of "Rip settings", choose "MP3" from the "Format" list & make sure "Rip CD automatically" is unchecked. Select Audio unique by adjusting the slider, and click "OK".

Rip CD to Start Conversion

Insert the audio CD into the computer"s DVD/CD drive, & a CD track listing will appear automatically. Kiểm tra out the tracks you need khổng lồ convert, and click "Rip CD" on the toolbar khổng lồ start lớn "convert CDA to MP3".

That"s the simple guide on how lớn "convert CDA khổng lồ MP3" with Windows media Player, therefore Windows truyền thông media Player can be considered a useful CDA to MP3 converter.

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Convert CDA Files to MP3 in iTunes

Step 1: open iTunes, click Edit on the menu bar, & select Preferences, then select Ask khổng lồ Import CD beside when you insert a CD.

Step 2: Click the Import Settings button, select the MP3 Encoder as well as the chất lượng level in the drop-down các mục of Import Using. Click OK to return to lớn the main interface.

Step 3: Insert an audio CD into your computer"s ROM và import CD tracks.

Step 4: Select the CDA tệp tin that needs khổng lồ be converted, right-click to lớn select Create MP3 Version, and start converting CDA lớn MP3.

That"s a quick guide on using iTunes as a CDA converter.

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