Aliens drive me crazy 3

Go on a rampage và cấp độ up the carnage as you battle aliens disguised as thieves. Run over them with your car & shoot them with your weapons. Your ultimate goal? Blast your way through the city lớn reach the aliens' base.

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Destructible Environments. Aliens have sầu invaded in the form of thieves. Crash through their stolen households, & destroy everything in your path. Enjoy watching all of the carnage.

Infiltrate The Alien Base. In between driving, there are alien bases lớn battle through. The game changes the gameplay to be a simple shooter game in which you need lớn rescue civilians, và take out aliens to lớn find the key to the elevator.

Drive Between Districts. Rather than an endless runner, Aliens Drive Me crazy features checkpoints. Each time you defeat an enemy base, you unlochồng a new district checkpoint that you can restart from on your next run. Start at tougher points, và make your way from district to lớn district.

What is it about?

Aliens Drive sầu Me Crazy offers a combination of genres. It's a platformer in that it lets you jump between platforms as you drive your car toward the aliens. It then turns inkhổng lồ a shooter when it comes time lớn rescue your friends và bởi boss fights. All the while, you'll just be using intuitive swipe controls hopefully on your way khổng lồ victory.

For those who...

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... want a phối of platforming & shooting in one game.... lượt thích lớn have checkpoints from which khổng lồ start on the next game session.... want lớn take on the role of an action nhân vật in a fight against aliens.

Not for those who...

... who dislike cartoon violence.... want a more conventional take on "endless" gaming.

Why we love sầu it

Rather than a straightforward endless runner, Aliens Drive Me Crazy combines platformer & shooter elements khổng lồ deliver an action-packed gaming experience with exciting graphics and sound effects. It also lets you unlocks checkpoints from which you can start on your next run, as opposed to starting from the very beginning every single time.



The few Alien Spaceships have sầu crept into lớn earth"s orbit with no warning.The loss of global satellite communications puts the world in danger.Survivors must fight using guerrilla tactics...Take control of your car và blast your way through the thành phố to lớn reach an alien"s base! Defeat invaders & terrifying Bosses khổng lồ get access to powerful weapons, cars and power-ups!FEATURES:- Smash everything in this crazy, chaotic, simple but challenging, và fun game!- Unloông xã special weapons, air strikes and other stuff, khổng lồ help you on your unpredictable journey.- Customize your character and unlochồng cars as you progress- Compare scores & achievements with your friends- Get ready for great adventure with this instantly playable and simple to control gameRemember: It’s up khổng lồ you khổng lồ save sầu your town.

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