Adobe presenter 10 patch Presenter will be end of Life from June 1, 2022

Thank you for being part of the exciting journey of Presenter.

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As continues to refocus on developing new products and solutions, we have decided to kết thúc of Life (EOL) Presenter on June 1, 2022.

For more information, see Presenter EOL FAQ.

If you are using Presenter 10, and would lượt thích to be able khổng lồ publish your presentations lớn Captivate Prime ("s new Learning Management System), then you can update your Presenter version khổng lồ enable this feature.

This patch also resolves an issue with Presenter 10, where projects that were created using this version did not display properly when learners accessed it using Presenter điện thoại for iPad.

If you are using Presenter 11, và have display issues when your course is viewed on an ipad tablet using the Presenter mobile app, tải về the fix below, and replace the presenter.libs.js in your installation with the one in the below zip file.

For more information about the Presenter mobile ứng dụng for iPad, see Using Presenter mobile for iPad.



Click Update khổng lồ install the patch.

When the installation is complete, you see the message as "Update Complete".

After the upgrade, before launching Presenter 10.0.3, ensure that you take a backup of all your projects, before opening them with Presenter 10.0.3.

Launch Presenter, và choose Help > About Presenter. If the version number is 10.0.3 Build 337, then the patch has been installed successfully.

* Captivate Prime is a Learning Management System (LMS) that you can use to distribute your e-learning course over the internet to learners.

Publishing a project to Captivate Prime is a feature offered in our latest Presenter and PVX offerings (Version 11). However, using this patch, you can now publish your Presenter projects to lớn Captivate Prime (directly from Presenter 10).

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The Publish lớn Prime workflow is available through the Presenter plug-in khổng lồ PowerPoint. It is not available through Presenter đoạn phim Express.

Click the Presenter ribbon from within your PowerPoint presentation, and click Publish.

The Publish Presentation dialog box opens.

Customize your presentation and application settings in the Settings dialog box.


Appearance: Enter the project title and a brief summary Playback: Customize the playback options or retain the default playback options Quality: Fine-tune the publish quality or retain the default quality options  Attachments: showroom presentation attachments such as documents or spreadsheets


Presenters: showroom presenter"s names, along with a photo, & a brief bio Servers: Select or showroom an Connect hệ thống Audio Source: Select an audio source Preview: Enter the number of slides you want khổng lồ preview

If you don"t have a Captivate Prime account, the Try Prime option is displayed in the Prime account dropdown. 


Select Try Prime, and click Publish. In the Captivate Prime window that opens, click Continue lớn Publish.


In the Publish to Prime window that opens as shown here, enter your thư điện tử address that you used during registration.

All accounts associated with your thư điện tử address or tài khoản name appear.

Sign in with your ID và password if prompted.

If you bởi vì not have an ID already, you can create one in the following window. Administrators of an organization can also login with ID initially. 

Enter the module name, description, and time duration in the fields in the dialog box as shown here.

Check whether it is a public module or a private module, & enter tags that make it easier for people to lớn find your module.

Click Publish lớn publish your project to lớn Captivate Prime.

If you are an existing user of Captivate Prime, just select your trương mục from the Prime account drop-down menu. 

You are directly taken to the Publish khổng lồ Prime page in Captivate Prime. Kiểm tra the settings in the Publish to lớn Prime, tweak them if necessary, & click Publish.

Republishing a project khổng lồ Captivate Prime

To update an already published module in Captivate Prime with a new one, complete the following steps:

Click the Presenter ribbon from within your PowerPoint presentation, & click Publish. The Publish Presentation dialog box opens. Select your Captivate Prime account from the Prime trương mục drop-down menu. Click Publish The module in Captivate Prime is updated with the new version.
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