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In this post, we will see where is the Action Center in Windows 10 & how to open and use the Windows 10 Action Center. In this complete guide, learn how to lớn use Windows 10 kích hoạt Center, including opening it & customizing notification settings khổng lồ your needs. The post also suggests a few troubleshooting steps you may try if you find that the Windows 10 Action Center won’t open or is not working.The new Notification & Action Center in Windows 10 looks great. The Action Center is split into lớn two major sections – Notifications & Quiông chồng Actions and lets you take a look at all the notifications from all different apps and even the system.

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Windows 10 kích hoạt Center: How to lớn mở cửa, Use & Customize It

If you are on the lakiểm tra version of Windows 10, you will find it in the extreme right corner of your taskbar. Click on the inhỏ lớn open the Action Center panel.
Here in the top end, you see the notifications, but it is at the bottom kết thúc that you can see the shortcuts, which the Action Center houses. Most of these are actually shortcuts lớn frequently used settings. By choosing any of them, you open the relevant Settings section.Although the kích hoạt Center comes across as a simple tool, it is beneficial. It stores & retains important notifications for viewing at a later time. Since Notifications are an important feature that defines the kích hoạt Center, it is essential to have this feature enabled all the time.However, things can get irritating when you receive a barrage of notifications. If required, you can mix the priority of Notifications or disable notifications. To vày so, clichồng the Action Center icon located on the right-hvà side of the Windows taskbar.Next, clichồng the All Settings button, chose System and then, Notifications và Actions.
Toggle switches lớn ‘On’ or ‘Off’ for different phầm mềm settings.Quiông chồng ActionsIn addition to notifications, Windows 10 puts the’ Quiông xã Actions‘ in the kích hoạt Center. It enables you lớn switch ‘Tablet Mode‘ quickly và access other settings such as ‘Display’. To choose which Quiông chồng Actions appear at the bottom of your computer screen, hit the Action Center ibé and select ‘All Settings’.After that, select System > Notifications & actions và finally, the ‘Add or Remove sầu Quiông xã Actions’ link.
Here, you can select which quiông chồng action should appear under Action Center & when done, cthua the window lớn apply the changes.
Dismiss NotificationsCluttering in the kích hoạt Center due khổng lồ the display of many notifications can be minimized lớn a great extent by dismissing them. To dismiss individual notifications, hit the Action Center ibé on the taskbar and hover your mouse cursor over the notification you’d lượt thích lớn dismiss. Then, click the “X” button lớn dismiss the notification. The array of notifications can be from any ứng dụng or Windows settings. It includes birthday notifications, constant pop-up notifications, Content of Notifications, current notifications, displays notifications.I hope this familiarizes you with the Windows 10 Action Center.See these posts if your kích hoạt Center does not open or is missing. If you vì not use this feature, then this post will show you how to lớn disable Notification and Action Center in Windows 10.

What Are the Major Settings in Action Center?

There are three—Notifications for all apps, Focus Assist, and individual notifications. While the first & last control the amount of notification that can be shown, Focus Assist allows you khổng lồ prioritize which apps can sover notifications making sure you are not distracted while you work.

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How Do I Change the Action Tiles?

Go lớn Windows 10 Settings > System > Notifications và Actions. Here you can choose to lớn rearrange và add more. In Windows 11, you can cliông chồng on any of the system icons và then cliông xã on the pencil icon lớn bring the action center inkhổng lồ edit mode. Now you can either change the order or click Add More if anything is missing. The screen brightness bar will automatically help you understvà that you are at the right place.

How Do I Turn Off Windows kích hoạt Center Notifications?

You can either turn off all notifications or from specific apps. Right-clichồng on the corner of Taskbar, and then click on Notification settings. Here you can toggle next lớn the Notifications option. The other option is khổng lồ look at the menu of apps và toggle off the ones that are the most distracting.

How To Disable Windows Action Center Completely

While you can turn off the notifications, the best way to disable the Windows kích hoạt Center is khổng lồ use Focus Assist and phối it lớn Alarms only. Go to Settings > System Focus assist và change the choice, i.e., Notifications from Apps. However, you cannot remove it from the Taskbar.

Receive sầu Important Action Center Notifications

If you only want khổng lồ get the most important notifications, you can mix them in kích hoạt Center settings or System > Focus Assist.Select Priority only, & then click on Customize priority menu. Here you can including calls including VoIPhường, reminders, people, and add apps. These notifications will appear on the loông xã screen as well.These links may also interest some of you:How to open Control Panel in Windows 10How to open Internet Explorer in Windows 10.

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